Xavi Hernandez: ‘I am capable of leading Barcelona’

Former midfielder Xavi Hernandez unexpectedly expressed his desire to lead Barcelona, despite rejecting the offer of the old team earlier this year.

Xavi has 17 years with Barcelona and the Nou Camp team

“I challenged myself as a coach (coach) and felt I was able to lead Barcelona. My dream is to come back to this place. As I have said many times, Barcelona is home. , is my life, “former player Xavi Hernandez said in an interview with Post United.

After retiring, Xavi became the head coach of Al-Sadd Club in Qatar.
After retiring, Xavi became the head coach of Al-Sadd Club in Qatar.

Xavi Hernandez has 17 years with Barcelona and the Nou Camp team has achieved countless successes, culminating in a great 6-season eat in the 2009/10 season. In 2015, he parted with Barcelona to move to Al-Sadd to play in the Qatar league.

There, the former Spaniard played four more seasons before retiring and became Al-Sadd’s coach. Talking about his current job, the coach said: “I am learning a lot in Qatar. Of course, leading Barcelona is a big thing and I need to think carefully. I have to be very willing, that is a process and I hope one day the opportunity will come to me. “

Also in the interview, he talked about Neymar and Lautaro Martinez, Barcelona’s top two pursuing goals this summer.

Talking about Neymar’s ability to return to Barcelona, the former player said: “Why not? Without much debate, it was a wise decision. I was his teammate, it was a son. He is professional and always knows how to make a difference. On the pitch, Neymar is one of the 5 best players in the world. “

“I like Lautaro, who doesn’t like him? He brings the depth, the difference to the team and always knows how to find a small gap on the pitch. Barcelona has a good reason to care for players. “, Xavi Hernandez said about Lautaro.

In the summer transfer window, Barcelona will have to spend about 100 million euros if Inter Milan wants to release Lautaro Martinez. In the case of Neymar, the Catalonia team will most likely use the money with Antoine Griezmann to leave in the opposite direction in exchange for the service of the Brazilian striker.

Xavi gave 8 conditions to lead Barcelona

Not long ago, after reading the report of Eric Abidal and General Secretary Oscar Grau about Xavi’s conditions to become Barcelona coach, President Josep Bartomeu immediately stopped the negotiation process.

Xavi Hernandez is said to want Barcelona to meet eight conditions before agreeing to lead the club. In particular, the Spanish midfielder wants full control of the sports department and cooperates with Carles Puyol, the former center-back of the team.

The Spanish star also wants to shake hands with Joan Vila, who is said to have influenced him a lot in terms of sports, and signed with Jordi Cruyff, the legendary son Johan Cruyff. Next, Xavi Hernandez proposed the club remodel medical offices and replace the person who runs the department.

Xavi was once expected to return to Barcelona as a coach.
Xavi was once expected to return to Barcelona as a coach.

The reason that Chairman Bartomeu did not appoint Xavi Hernandez as Barcelona coach was also revealed by the bullfighting media. After the Camp Nou home team sacked coach Ernesto Valverde in mid-January, they wanted a replacement immediately. If the club empowers Xavi, they have to wait until June.

On 6/2, Sport once said Barcelona has not made any official offer for Xavi to return to the Camp Nou to lead the club. Sports director Abidal said that former captain “Blaugrana” lacks work experience.

Xavi Hernandez is receiving a lot of financial incentives during working in Qatar. He earns up to 10 million euros a year while playing for Al-Sadd. This salary increased when he became the coach of the team. Xavi is also the ambassador for many of Qatar’s major brands.

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