Xavi Hernandez: ‘Barca Cannot Only Rely On Luck’

The ball is still paused on most grass in the world, but life must go on. And in this break, Xavi Hernandez gave the famous Youtuber DjMaRiiO an interesting interview live-streamed on Post United.

Xavi Hernandez: ‘Barca cannot only rely on luck’

DjMaRiiO: How do you feel about the situation in Barca this season?

Xavi Hernandez: I still see Barca having an advantage in La Liga. The Champions League is a little hard to say. The past shows that Barca only won the European Championship when they controlled everything and completely outperformed their rivals. Barca could not ascend to the throne simply because of the fortunes of history like the other clubs.

Do you mean Real Madrid?

– Yes, I mean Real Madrid. But not just them, but other clubs also need the luck to win the Champions League. Barca also had luck in the semi-final second leg at Chelsea in the 2008/09 season, with Iniesta’s goal in the context of only 10 people and almost no shot on target. That is luck. For example, if you play badly in La Liga, only ranked 4, 5 or 6 but ended up winning the Champions League.

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Xavi Hernandez: 'Barca Cannot Only Rely On Luck'

So how do you evaluate the current Real Madrid?

– Real Madrid is still very strong. I rarely see them weak, like what happened last season. This season the Madrid have become much stronger, with class players.

How do you feel when Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Madrid?

– Surely you will miss him. Because not everyone can score 40-50 goals a season.

Are you thinking of leading Barca?

– I don’t know why many people have that idea, but I’m really proud and excited about this. I am starting a coaching career, I think I have enough ability and coming back to Barca is still my dream. As I have said many times, I still consider Barca to be my home, my life. Now I’m still in the process of learning in Qatar and to lead Barca, you have to be really ready.

Xavi Hernandez: 'Barca Cannot Only Rely On Luck'

Who did you take as a role model when you became a coach?

– It’s Pep Guardiola. Of course, I also learn from everyone, from a tactical perspective to emotional control.

How did you prepare to become a coach?

– I started thinking about becoming a coach 2 years ago and started learning to accomplish that goal. I have my football philosophy, and I want to show it on the pitch.

What is that philosophy?

– I like my team controlling the ball, of course not holding the ball. You have to attack, and press pressing with high intensity.

Is that what happened in Barca when he was still attached to the Nou Camp?

– Right. Barca only feels comfortable when completely imposing the game, with the ball control rate as high as 60-70%. Of course, that only works when they have control of the game. In the last few years, the ball was no longer effective, but the shock defeat against Roma and Liverpool is an example.

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How do you comment on the growth of Ansu Fati?

– I think his outbreak is the best news for Barca right now. He came from La Masia, a signal that Barca’s training system is still working well and they dare to put their faith in the young players. I was there and at the age of 18, I was not as mature as him. Fati has respectable confidence and it is an interesting surprise for Barca and also Spanish football.

What about Frenkie de Jong?

– He hasn’t shown his full talent yet, but that’s normal. De Jong is still young and can explode at any time. Playing at Ajax is not the same as in Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Man United. Here, you have to play well every game and will often be scrutinized because they have paid a lot of money to buy you.

Is Lautaro Martinez suitable for Barca’s play?

– I like him. Lautaro can always create mutations even in modern football, you do not have much space. It is understandable that Barca cares about him.

Thank you for the conversation.

Xavi Hernandez backed Barca to buy Neymar

Former famous midfielder Xavi Hernandez fully supports Barca bringing Neymar back to the Nou Camp. In an interview on Post United, Xavi said: “Why not? I had a great period when I was with him at Barca. When he was at Barca, he was a very professional player and could always make a difference! ”

The person who will be the head coach in the near future also assesses “Neymar is one of the five best players in the world today”.

Xavi Hernandez chose an heir

When talking about midfielders who have similar gameplay to me before, Xavi Hernandez has listed a fairly long list. They are Ilkay Guendogan, Arthur Melo, Frenkie de Jong, Toni Kroos and Santi Cazorla. He commented: “Those are players quite similar to me. They all have tactical vision and rarely lose the ball. ”

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