Won ATP titles over 30s: Nadal, Federer still behind the legend

(Sports news – Tennis news) Outside the age of 30, not many players have won the ATP titles. However, in history, Rod Laver has done very well that task.

Nadal and Federer’s current achievements

After winning the US Open 2019, Nadal set record ATP titles as the first player in history to win up to 5 Grand Slams in singles at the age of 30 onwards. Earlier, Nadal also won four such noble titles when he was over 30 years old like Ken Rosewall, Rod Laver, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. In addition, the Spanish tennis player also has 16 titles of ATP.

Nadal & Federer
Nadal & Federer

However, Nadal’s number 16 is much lower than the legendary Rod Laver. Specifically, after turning 30 in the first season in the Open Era (1968), the former Australian tennis player won 47 titles, including a Grand Slam in 1969.

Nadal & Federer still can not catch the “legend” Rod Laver 

Rod Laver at the moment . Won ATP title over 30s: Nadal, Federer still behind the legend
Rod Laver at the moment

Rodney George “Rod” Laver (born August 9, 1938, in Rockhampton, Australia) is a former Australian tennis athlete. Rod Laver is one of the most successful tennis players in tennis history; he is usually ranked very high every time people talk about the best players in history.

He and Don Budge were the only two male players to have won the “Grand Slam”, meaning they won all four Australian, French, Wimbledon (UK), and USA competitions the same year. Don Budge won the Grand Slam in 1938; Rod Laver won the Grand Slam twice: first in 1962 as an amateur (amateur) and in 1969 as a professional.

He was nicknamed “The Rocket”. It is not clear why there is this name, there are two theories: because he runs very fast because he has a one-handed backhand spectacularly.

However, when he asked himself, he explained that when he was young because he was too lazy to run, the famous Australian coach of the time, Harry Hopman, named “Arrow of Rocket” to tease him.

“Express train” Federer is the second on the list

With 36 titles in his 30s, “Express train” Federer is the second ATP titles on the list. Despite having just undergone knee surgery, the Swiss tennis player is likely to return sooner than expected to prepare for the pitch season.

In the last 6/7 seasons, Federer is still one of the top players in the world and continues to fight for the highest title in the tennis industry even though he is 38 years old.

And if Pancho Gonzalez and Ken Rosewall had ever peaked at the age of 38 or 40, Federer is now ready to break those records. As the physical, nutritional and advanced level is higher, it will not be difficult for the next generation as Roger Federer to bring strange things to tennis.

The third name is Ken Rosewall with 33 ATP titles. Despite turning 34 in 1968, that didn’t stop the former player from taking eight Grand Slam titles.

In the following rankings, respectively, belong to Arthur Ashe, Rafael Nadal, Andre Agassi and Jimmy Connors. All 4 players above have only 20 ATP titles or less. However, Rafael Nadal is the current top tennis player and can continue to improve his performance.

With a knack on clay, Nadal only needs 4 more ATP titles to catch up with Arthur Ashe and has a great ability to surpass Federer in terms of Grand Slam titles.

7 players with the most ATP titles beyond the age of 30:

Here is the chart of 7 players with the most ATP titles beyond the age of 30:

  1. Rod Lavers – 47 
  2. Roger Federer – 36
  3. Ken Rosewa – 33
  4. Arthur Ashe – 20
  5. Rafael Nadal – 16
  6. Andre Agassi – 15
  7. Jimmy Connors – 14

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