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WNBA matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Dallas Wings vs Phoenix Mercury – WNBA matches prediction

WNBA matches prediction

Up to now, the teams at WNBA have stood their positions with the team’s ability. The home team Phoenix Mercury is in the top group and poses a huge threat to the top spot of Seattle Storm. While in the opposite direction, the home team Dallas Wings, after impressive first matches, has gradually sunk to the bottom of the rankings. The home team will certainly have difficulty when the performance is not equal to the upcoming opponent.

The only pride of the home team Dallas Wings is that they won the last match. The 3-point gap in that match was really fragile. However, the away team Phoenix Mercury could only beat the home team Dallas Wings with a distance similar to the closest match between the two teams.

In the upcoming match, it is likely that the score gap created by Phoenix Mercury will be more when there are 4 consecutive wins. And the home team Dallas Wings are receiving up to 3 consecutive defeats. The home team’s form has almost weakened since the beginning of the season. In the past matches of the away team, the biggest distance Phoenix Mercury creates with the opponent is 10 points. As WNBA matches prediction, the away team is the one that can be trusted in the upcoming match.

Atlanta Dream vs Connecticut Sun

WNBA matches prediction

In the last round of the Dallas Wings trip, the Atlanta Dream continued to receive another defeat with the score 75-85. Thus, Atlanta Dream has failed 4 consecutive matches, thereby continuing to sink in the last area on the rankings. After 7 rounds in the new season, they only won 2 victories.

The defense continues to be a deadly weakness that has led to the team’s poor performance. Meanwhile, the attackers have yet to play to meet the expectations of the team and the fans of this club. The next round they will have an encounter with the Connecticut Sun team is also extremely crisis this season. The Connecticut Sun is currently the last team on the rankings with only one victory this season.

However, in one or two recent matches, Connecticut Sun has shown a clear change when playing more and gradually entering the form. That is also the reason that Connecticut Sun fans are expecting a win over the Atlanta Suns.

Indeed Connecticut Sun fans have reason to expect this match when in 4 times of meeting last season, Connecticut Sun has won 3 victories. Besides considering that at the present time, the Atlanta Dream is not much better than the Connecticut Sun with more than one victory.

However, their playstyle has too many weaknesses, especially the defense is very unstable. Meanwhile, Connecticut Sun’s attackers are making amazing progress in recent rounds. In the defeat against Chicago in the last round, Connecticut Sun also scored 93 points. As WNBA matches prediction, so in the coming match here the possibility of Connecticut Sun can win is very high.

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