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WNBA matches prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Connecticut Sun vs NY Liberty

WNBA matches prediction

WNBA matches prediction expect an explosive victory over Chicago a week ago would mark the return of New York Liberty, but everything was in place with Liberty’s debauchery defeat against more prized rival Las Vegas. Chain of 4 failed in 5 matches really still has no way out with representatives from the East.

On the Connecticut Sun side, in contrast to the home team, although they do not have the stability they need, Sun is still looking for important victories with opponents that need to win. Only having to welcome Liberty this time will be a better chance for Sun to prolong the winning streak and move to higher positions on the rankings.

The bad luck in each match or rather the lack of stability in the whole team is the biggest reason that Liberty is so erratic in every match, there are great games but there are also The game was very bad. Regaining focus as well as being consistent in the fight will be the necessary solution at the moment for Liberty.

On the other hand, the alternating wins and losses also partly reflect Connecticut’s unaffiliated gameplay. Their opponent is just a very crisis Liberty, but Sun also needs solutions to keep their players really focused and play their best to be sure of a victory.

New York’s rare bright spot so far lies in their scoring record in the past matches. bring a lot of surprises to viewers if they look at their current position. On the other side of the front line, somewhat inferior to the opponent, but the ultimate goal of each match is just to win, and Sun has done better than Liberty. 153 points are what Sun did in the last 5 matches.

Las Vegas Aces vs Phoenix Mercury – WNBA matches prediction

WNBA matches prediction

Las Vegas Aces continues to show a very high level of form right now and shows great ambitions for this season. A series of 4 consecutive victories helped Las Vegas Aces secure 2nd place on the rankings as well as only winning 1 more behind the top team. The next round Las Vegas Aces will have a clash with Phoenix Mercury who sorrowed them in the first leg in early August.

Currently, Phoenix Mercury is in 6th place with 9 wins from 16 games. fought. The performance of Phoenix Mercury is also relatively stable when they are also going through a 3-win streak. This is still expected to be a difficult match for Las Vegas Aces when Phoenix Mercury always proves to be very uncomfortable in each confrontation with them. However, the Las Vegas Aces will still be the more appreciated team.

After a period of unsuccessful start to the new season, Las Vegas Aces is gradually showing stability and a really impressive performance. In my last 10 matches, Las Vegas Aces had 9 victories and 6 times bringing joy to the player. That impressive record is helping the Las Vegas Aces to reach the finish line and is a strong candidate for the championship of the season this year. Meanwhile, the performance of Phoenix Mercury is just relative with 5 wins after 10 rounds.

Their odds of winning are only 40%. However, in the matchup against Las Vegas Aces, Phoenix Mercury always plays quite well. The proof is that after the last 10 confrontations of the two teams, Phoenix Mercury has 7 wins. However, as WNBA matches prediction, at present, Las Vegas Aces still gives more peace of mind with an equal force and impressive performances at this stage.

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