Why Should Sandro Tonali Come To Milan?

The most promising talent in Italy, Sandro Tonali is the goal of numerous great teams. However, to build a brilliant career, the 19-year-old midfielder should go to Milan.

Why Should Sandro Tonali Come To Milan

Why should Sandro Tonali come to Milan?

A lot of times, Sandro Tonali said that he didn’t like being compared to Andrea Pirlo, and if he just had a similar hairstyle, he would cut his hair. Admitting to being a Milan fan, “was at San Siro when Kaka scored against Lazio and witnessed Seedorf’s strike against Chievo”, but the 19-year-old in Brescia revealed, god His statue is Gennaro Gattuso.

Loving Gattuso for style, personality, or anything, it would be a dream if Sandro Tonali followed the footsteps of a childhood hero: to Milan, wear a Rossoneri shirt and shine, then run under the frenetic chants of the milanista in Curva Sud.

Milan does not have the same radiant glory more than a decade ago, but with its glorious history, attractiveness and desire to return to the top, they are still the perfect destination. Remember that when Gattuso left Salernitana to go to San Siro in 1999, he did not experience the taste of victory immediately, but had to wait until the fourth season to win the Champions League and the fifth to raise the title. Scudetto.

Like Gattuso, joining Milan, Sandro Tonali has the opportunity to participate in the ongoing reconstruction project, which then becomes part of future success. Over the past three seasons, Milan management has spent 485 million euros on transfers, something that has never happened before. Alessio Romagnoli, Theo Hernandez, Ismael Bennacer, Rafael Leao and Lucas Paqueta landed in San Siro, combined with self-trained talents such as Gianluigi Donnarumma and Davide Calabria to create a promising team.

Continue to pursue ambition, Milan’s peak reign day will not be far away. As the idol of Tonali, Gattuso has recently stated: “Milan has tremendous resources to soon escape the current situation, especially when Milan’s DNA is to win.”

Tonali will have a lot of acting space if he breaks up Brescia to join Milan
Tonali will have a lot of acting space if he breaks up Brescia to join Milan

One detail that Sandro Tonali will be interested in, is Milan’s tradition of focusing on developing young talents. They trusted 21-year-old Gattuso in 1999, they also gave Donnarumma the opportunity when the goalkeeper was 16 years old, and will not be afraid to put faith in Tonali. That is hard to happen at Juventus or Inter.

In Serie A 2019/20, of the 6 players who play the most minutes in Milan, there are 4 people aged U23, including Donnarumma (21), Theo Hernandez (22), Franck Kessie (23) and Ismael Bennacer (22). Coach Stefano Pioli has, if Ralf Rangnick takes the coaching chair next season, the young players will have more development space. It must be emphasized that Rangnick also has the ability to turn rough gems into diamonds. Joel Matip in Schalke, Roberto Firmino in Hoffenheim or Naby Keita and Sadio Mane in RB Salzburg are living examples.

It will be interesting to see Tonali play alongside Bennacer in the center of the midfield, reminiscent of the notorious European Pirlo – Gattuso in the 2000s. That was the foundation for the Lombardian to reach the heights. dreamed of being a boy in Northern Italy.

An advantage for Milan in the race with Juventus, Inter, Dortmund, PSG and Real Madrid is a good relationship with Brescia. Sandro Tonali himself is not guilty, because the large sum of money from his transfer will help Brescia reduce financial pressure and restructure the team. Leaving the start-up team to go to Milan, the team that Tonali’s father admired and he also “went crazy about the Rossoneri shirt” was a necessary big step.

Tonali brings the creativity that Milan is lacking: Sandro Tonali has created 48 delicious opportunities in Serie A 2019/20, more than any other Milan player (the highest is Suso with 42 times). Besides, the 19-year-old midfielder also has 5 assists (and 1 goal). In Milan, no one has more than 2 assists (the two most creative players are Suso and Calhanoglu combined only 3).

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