Why is Federer never cursing on the tennis court?

While playing sports, it is common for players to say swear words to their fans. But quite unexpectedly, when former World No. 3 Yannick Noah shared that Roger Federer had transformed himself from a rebellious youth into an incredibly calm player. So what reason did Roger Federer change so much?


After two knee surgeries, Roger Federer will not be able to return in the remainder of the 2020 season. The final match of Roger Federer, the Swiss tennis player is the Australian Open semi-final, where he put lost to Djokovic after 3 sets of competition. A few weeks later, Roger Federer attended a charity event in front of 52,000 spectators in South Africa.

The friendly match in South Africa between Roger Federer and Nadal saw a record number of viewers
The friendly match in South Africa between Roger Federer and Nadal saw a record number of viewers

Speaking on “The Tennis Podcast”, the former world No.3 player Yannick Noah shared the Roger Federer routine in the court. According to the French tennis star, Roger Federer has transformed himself from a rebellious youth into a calm name that is admired by fans of the world.

“I was in Melbourne and I met Roger Federer a few times. It was a player with incredible composure. Even when Roger Federer was a student, or when he was a teenager, he rarely ruined a racquet, even if he had to fail. When he becomes a guy, Roger Federer may be a bit more rebellious but he tried to control it”, revealed Yannick Noah. “Controlling one’s emotions is one of Federer’s great habits when playing. Other players must have learned a lot from that style”  said the former French player.


What changed Roger always curious about his fans. Perhaps for Roger being able to play on a felt ball was his best?

Federer still wants to extend his peak career
Federer still wants to extend his peak career

At present, one of the first causes is Roger is a Swiss professional tennis player known as the “express train” on the tennis court. Roger is considered by many experts and former players and many other players to be the greatest and greatest player of all time. Besides, Roger is also one of the richest tennis players and is one of the richest athletes in sports history, with an estimated fortune of more than $600 million. Avoiding swearing words will affect your image in the competition.

Roger is currently actively recovering from 2 surgeries. He plans to return to training from early August 2020. Abandoning this season will give the player who holds the record of 20 Grand Slam titles to have more time to prepare the best for the new season.

There have been many rumors that Roger will retire soon due to age and injury. However, the 39-year-old insists he will not think about retiring at least until the end of the 2021 season. Recently, Roger Federer also admitted he wanted to win the third medal at the Tokyo Olympic Games in after. With “Express train”, his journey to conquer the peak will not be over.