Why Can Premier League Clubs Refuse To Play Again?

British media reports that Premier League clubs may refuse to play when the tournament returns in early April.

Why can Premier League clubs refuse to play again?

All professional football leagues in the UK will be suspended until three-quarters due to the strong spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The DailyMail has recently revealed disturbing details, which could cause Premier League clubs to refuse to continue playing the rest of the season when the game returns for the next three weeks.

Many Premier League clubs want to cancel the result this season
Many Premier League clubs want to cancel the result this season

The newspaper has received a lot of feedback from representatives of a number of Premier League clubs, giving a number of reasons that could make it difficult for the tournament to take place in April even when the government allows it. Their concerns include:

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– The risk of having more players infected with Covid-19 during the break time, making the personnel situation of some teams really difficult. So far, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester City, Bournemouth, Manchester City, West Ham, Brighton and Everton have been affected by the disease.

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– The integrity of the tournament is also a matter that needs to be protected, by making sure all teams return at the same time. However, this would be impossible if there were more cases of positive for Covid-19 in the future.

– There will be 69 Premier League players expiring on June 30, 2020, which raises concerns if they reach an agreement to move to other Premier League clubs, or if those who remain If you want to contribute notes, you will stick in any way.

The third problem above is considered to be the most complicated. Among the 69 players who are due, there are some stars like Willian, Pedro (Chelsea) or Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham). In fact, in the contract of the players signed through the British Professional Football Association, there is a provision that allows the deadline to be extended by 28 days, but in case the parties must agree.

The worry didn’t stop there when DailyMail said that some representatives would ask for longer and more lucrative contracts if their clients were invited to re-sign in the current context, especially when They get better offers from other clubs.

Previously, many senior officials of the English Football Federation (FA) and the Premier League confirmed the high possibility that the season of football in the foggy country will not be ended as expected. In particular, FA president Greg Clarke informed the Premier League organizers that he did not think the top English league could finish the 2019/20 season. In addition, British media reported that many Premier League clubs filed a request to stop the English Premier League season 2019/20 after Arteta was positive for the corona virus.

In Italy, Serie A clubs recently rejected a proposal to play play-offs to decide the championship and relegation, after the organizers announced a postponement of the tournament because of the Covid-19 epidemic. Serie A has taken into account the option of canceling the results of the season, meaning there is no team to win the Serie A Championship 2019/20.
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