Who’ll Cry & Laugh If The Last 9 Premier Rounds Are Canceled?

Because the situation of the global epidemic has not been positive, the rest of the Premier League Rounds 2019/20 is at risk of being canceled. So if this happens, which team will be happy, and which team will “cry out”?

Who’ll cry and laugh if the last 9 Premier League rounds are canceled?

Up to the time before the suspension of the game due to the pandemic virus, the Premier League had completed 29 rounds. Liverpool is the leading team with 25 points more than the second-ranked team Man City, thereby being very close to the first championship in club history. Theoretically, The Reds only need to win 2 more games to be crowned.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the table, Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich are the three clubs to play in the Championship next season.

However, according to the schedule, each team still has 9 more games to try in the hope of improving their rankings. And if the rest of the Premier League rounds is canceled, many teams will be happy because their remaining schedule is very tough, meeting all the difficult opponents.

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In contrast, many clubs feel unjust if the last 9 Premier League rounds are canceled because they have a relatively gentle kick schedule with rivals rated “delicious”, thereby improving location, even out of danger area.

Who’ll Cry & Laugh If The Last 9 Premier Rounds Are Canceled

In particular, among the 20 Premier League teams, besides Liverpool, Man United is certainly the team that feels most dissatisfied if the last 9 Premier League rounds are canceled. The reason is that according to the schedule, the Reds only have to encounter opponents with an average rank of 12.3.

This means that MU will only clash with most of the clubs in the bottom half of the rankings instead of the top half. Accordingly, the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will face the most difficulties in two matches against Tottenham and Leicester. Remaining, all are “bait” to them in terms of class.

Meanwhile, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace will cry because they have to face opponents with an average of 8.2, meaning most of them are in the top half of the rankings. Therefore, if the last Premier League 9 rounds are canceled, Palace will certainly feel relieved. In the case of the next match, they are completely likely to lose the current 11th position, maybe even falling into the relegation group.

At this time, when the championship race is almost over, what fans are interested in is the qualification to attend the European Cup next season as well as the relegation positions.

Accordingly, with Man City waiting to enforce the ban of Champions League for 2 seasons from UEFA, Top 5 Premier League, excluding Man City, will win tickets to Europe’s most prestigious playground next season. Currently, Man United will join Chelsea, Leicester and Liverpool to represent English football in the Champions League 2020/21.

In 3rd and 4th place, Leicester and Chelsea only had to face opponents with a relatively low average ranking, respectively 11.0 and 11.3. However, while the Blues still have 3 games to face their opponents in the Top 6, the Foxes only have one bony match, which is to meet Man United in the final round.

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Who’ll Cry & Laugh If The Last 9 Premier Rounds Are Canceled

In the relegation group, Aston Villa (19th) and Bournemouth (18th) can hardly escape the scythe of death, because, in the last 9 Premier League rounds, these two clubs have up to 4 matches against rivals in the Top 6. Aston’s side Villa was also somewhat comforted when there was a match against the team in the last 6 teams, while Bournemouth did not.

Brighton (ranked 15th, 2 points above the relegation group) is also in jeopardy when they have up to 4 matches against the Top 6 opponents and 1 match against the bottom 6 teams in the hope of earning a point. If the rest of the season is canceled, Brighton is definitely “happy to shed tears”.

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