Which World Cup Football Clubs Gained Most Victory?

The World Cup is the largest global soccer tournament in the world for all national teams. In the history of football game in the World Cup, there are 8 teams that have won the championship gold cup.

Which team won the World Cup the most?

Top of the champions list with the most titles is Brazil. Brazil is the most World Cup winning team with all 5 times crowned king. This is one of the greatest football game teams in history, they have made a series of achievements. In addition, there are also legendary strikers, the best players.

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Brazil won the championship in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

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  • World Cup 1958: This is the first time that Brazil has won the championship. The season was held in Sweden, and in the final that year they defeated the home team 5-2.
  • World Cup 1962: Once again Brazil crowned, this is the first time a team successfully defended the title of consecutive championships at the world cup. The season was held in Chile, in the final of Brazil against Czechoslovakia with a score of 3-1
  • World Cup 1970 (held in Mexico): After the defeat at the 1966 World Cup, this time Brasil came back strongly and decisively. Crush the heavyweight opponent, Italy with a total score of 4 – 1 in the final.
  • World Cup 1994 (to be held in the US): Win the final with Italy on the spot 11m after the two teams drew together with a score of 0.
  • World Cup 2002 (held in 2 countries: Japan and South Korea): Brazil defeated Germany 2 – 0 team in the final, and the 5th step to the top of the world glory.
Brazil Team
Brazil Team

In addition to 5 championships, Brazil has two more second prizes (1950 and 1998) and two third prizes (1938 and 1978) at the World. Brazil is the only football game team to appear in all 20 World Cups so far.

They are considered Samba dancers, playing the most attractive way of football. With a series of other titles they have set a world record:

  • Brazil is the team with the most goals scored in World Cup history with 217 goals; achieved impressive average performance: 2.17 goals per game.
  • A record of 13 unbeaten matches was set from 1958 to 1966.

From 2002 to 2006, Brazil won 11 consecutive matches at the World Cup finals.

  • Brazil and Germany both set a record 7 times in the World Cup final.

Brazil is the only team to keep the Julet Rimes forever (the forerunner of today’s FIFA World Cup)

  • Brazil is a country that produces many stars with outstanding talent. From Pele, Ronaldo to Neymar of the present.

Brazil is considered the most successful team and they deserve what is received.

The world cup champions in history

Up to the present time, the World Cup has spent 21 seasons, 2022 will be the 22nd season and will be held in Qatar. Among them, only 8 teams have won the throne: Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, France, England and Spain.

Germany (4 times champion)

Ranked No. 2 in the list of the World Cup winners in history is the German team with 4 championships. The years when Germany was crowned king were 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014.

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Germany is one of the teams with a lot of achievements in football game, people call Germany tanks. Famous for the German spirit of play, even when being led to the table, the Die Mannschaft players continued to fight until the final whistle sounded.

Germany is the winner of World Cup 2014
Germany is the winner of World Cup 2014

Italy (4 times champion)

Italy also achieved 4 World Championships like the German team. The seasons they have lifted that gold cup are in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. In addition, they also possess a very significant achievement with two runner-ups in 1970 and 1994, 3rd 1990 and 4th in 1978. This is the birthplace of many world-class football game talents.

Argentina (2 times champion)

Argentina is the team that is expected a lot because this is the birthplace of legendary players in the world. These include Pele, Maradona or Messi. Before any World Cup finals, Argentina has always been rated as the No. 1 candidate for the championship. However, luck did not come to Argentina so much when they only won two championship titles in 1978 and 1968.

Argentina Team
Argentina Team

Uruguay (2 times champion)

As one of the football teams has a collective play and very even. There are not too many top stars in the world but Uruguay has proven their strength with 2 World Cup winners in 1930 and 1950. This is one of the football game teams that big players like Brazil or Germany – West. Spain must also be afraid.

France (2 times champion)

Currently, France is the current World Cup champion. This team was crowned twice in 1998 and 2018. The nickname of the French team is called “The Gophers.”

France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup
France won the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Spain (1 time champion)

Spain had a championship in 2010. During the World Cup that year, the Gaur was highly appreciated with an even line-up between routes. Along with the rotation Tiki-taka, they defeated many teams from the group stage to the final with the Netherlands 1-0. However, Spain is currently not appreciated by the aging squad.

England (1 time champion)

England is the home of the sport of the King. Despite playing very devoted, but fortunately not much when they only won one championship in 1966. Triad won the throne after defeating the West German tanks with the final score of 4 – 2 net the whole time Extra time (2 teams draw 2 – 2 after 90 minutes of kick play).

Above is the information about the history of the world championships as well as mentioning to you which team won the most world cup. 2022 will be the year of the 22nd season. Certainly the World this year will be extremely exciting. Please always follow to read the latest football game information.