When Will The Old Halo Ever Return, Jose Mourinho?

The day Jose Mourinho went to Tottenham, he claimed to be a happy person. A lot of expectations for the change of the Portuguese coach after 11 months ponder the change in modern football. But only three months later, Mourinho was making everyone think: Will the glory of the past ever return to him?

When Will The Old Halo Ever Return, Jose Mourinho?

The original promises

“I have been laughing for two days,” Jose Mourinho began the Tottenham press conference. “Am I happy? If there is a 10 point scale, I give 10 points to myself. I couldn’t be happier with this job, ”continued Mourinho.

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“For the past 11 months, I have brooded over and thought about the changes in football. I realized many things and found that I needed to change and adapt. What is the difference between me now and before? It was me who was modest now. I am humbled to analyze my career, both what is good and what is not and does not resent, blame others. “

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“I will not change much of the way Tottenham plays. The predecessor Mauricio Pochettino has done a good job and I will develop the team based on the play, the foundation that Pochettino left.

Those are important issues that Jose Mourinho spoke at the first press conference as Tottenham boss. At that time, people temporarily believed in the words Mourinho promised …

Mourinho chided his students after a defeat in the Premier League
Mourinho chided his students after a defeat in the Premier League

Yesterday’s coach?

Actually, Jose Mourinho also created positive signals at Tottenham. He made his 3-2 win at West Ham and it was Spurs’ first away win in the Premier League in nearly a year. After that, Mourinho and Tottenham had successive victories to come from the 14th position when Pochettino was fired, rose to close to the Top 4, thereby reviving hope to win tickets to the Champions League.

But unfortunately, that honeymoon has passed very quickly. Just 1 month after the launch, people began to see a returning Mourinho with the same ugly image as the last days of leading Chelsea and MU. It is a Mourinho who is always vicious with the opponent, looking for criticism from colleagues, students, even the boys who pick up the ball.

At the 0-1 defeat at Southampton on the first round of the new year 2020, Jose Mourinho surprised all of them by running to Southampton’s training area to peek at coach Ralph Hasenhüttl’s direction. At a press conference after the match, Mourinho swore at Hasenhüttl’s assistant as “idiots” and criticized the boys who picked up the ball on St. Mary’s yard for “deliberately delaying putting the ball in.”

And in the 1-1 draw with Norwich in the FA Cup, in the shootout, if the assistants and the players play shoulder to shoulder kicking on the sidelines, then Mourinho sat in the technical area alone. By the time Tottenham was eliminated on penalties, instead of comforting his students, he went straight to the dressing room. Or the latest, after a 1-1 draw with Burnley, Jose Mourinho attacked his student N’dombele directly: Of course, I am not talking about Oliver Skipp, a 19-year-old, but about N’dombele. He had many opportunities and he should have done better. ”

It is exactly a Jose Mourinho of the old days. When he fell into a state of tension, deadlock, he always found someone to attack, to vent his anger. Recall Mourinho’s final period at Chelsea and MU, when he criticized Eden Hazard to Luke Shaw or Paul Pogba. The problem is that at MU or Chelsea before, Mourinho criticized his students during his reign. For now, don’t forget that Mourinho has only been to Tottenham for 4 months.

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Temporarily ignore the attitude, the performance of Spurs on the pitch under Jose Mourinho was very disappointing. Worse, the play Mourinho is creating is extremely depressing. It is no different from the deadlock that MU showed at the final stage with Mourinho, not knowing what else to do, just cross and cross. At the press conference, Jose Mourinho promised to maintain the playing platform that Pochettino created. The identity of Tottenham during Pochettino is a team operating on the ability to press and control the midfield. Now, Mourinho’s Spurs play defense and hold the ball even less than the club at risk of relegation is Aston Villa.

Just 4 months into the chair that Pochettio left, but Jose Mourinho is making no one realize a strong Tottenham has reached the Champions League final in 2019/20 anymore. Someone will defend Mourinho and say that this is a period when Spurs is missing too many pillars because of injury. But do not forget that even though Mourinho has both Harry Kane and Son Heung-min on the pitch, his team is still playing badly.

Looking at Jose Mourinho now, one can not help but ask the question: Will the aura of the past has returned?

Lowest career win rate

Jose Mourinho led Tottenham to play a total of 26 games but only won 11, receiving 9 defeats. Mourinho’s victory rate with Spurs is only 42.3% and this is the team that Mourinho has the lowest winning rate in his career, less than the club when he just started his career as Uniao de Leiria (45%).

6 – Mourinho’s Tottenham did not win the last 6 matches in all competitions, receiving 4 defeats. If the defeat of Norwich on the penalty shootout in the FA Cup will be 5 losses.

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