When Will The European Cup And The Premier League End?

UEFA is trying to rescue the 2019/20 season currently postponed due to COVID-19 without excluding the possibility that the C1 Cup and the Premier League will take place the same day.

The C1 Cup and the Premier League are at risk of happening the same day

Matches in the C1 Cup and Premier League may take place over the weekend as one of the new measures introduced by UEFA, all in an effort to save the 2019/20 season from the risk of being canceled due to corona virus.

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Leading leagues across Europe have met UEFA and agree that they will do everything they can to finish the season before June 30.

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2019/20 season
The C1 Cup must race against time to play the final at the end of June

The European soccer governing body chose the date due to contracts, transfer agreements and copyrights.

They also added that the C1 Cup and Europa League qualifiers for the 2020/21 season may need to be adapted to the situation.

Europe’s top leagues still prefer to complete the current season, with the Premier League meeting on Thursday to discuss the action that follows the UEFA decision on Euro 2020 and the European Cups.

The postponement of Euro 2020 has allowed the tournament to end the campaign if the disease situation allows.

2019/20 season
The Premier League matches can be played on the same day as the C1 Cup

Because both the European Cup and the Premier League have to race against time to complete, this easily leads to the possibility of matches in the Premier League taking place the same day as matches in the C1 Cup.

UEFA had not previously allowed domestic matches and the C1 Cup to take place on the same day to prioritize the continental tournament, but now the situation is more complicated.

Another solution is that UEFA will try to limit the aforementioned schedule duplication by scheduling domestic matches in the middle of the week and the European Cup at the weekend.

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Currently, 20 Premier League clubs have 9 or 10 matches remaining in the season.

When will the European Cup and the Premier League end after postponing Euro 2019/20 season?

Euro 2019/20 season postponed until?

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe caused UEFA to decide to postpone Euro 2019/20 season until the summer of 2021. Expectedly, Euro 2021 will take place from 11/6 to 11/7.

Euro 2019/20 season play-offs and international friendlies scheduled to take place by the end of this month have been postponed to June.

2019/20 season
Euro 2019/20 season will be postponed until summer 2021

When will the C1 Cup end?

UEFA has yet to make a final decision on how to end the C1 Cup and the Europa League 2019/20 season, although some sources say that the final of the two tournaments will be held on June 24 and 27.

UEFA only affirms its position that it will prioritize national championships in Europe that end this summer.

UEFA has not finalized the time of the C1 Cup this season

When will the Premier League end?

The UEFA decision will enable the national championships 2019/20 season to be completed in June, or no later than July.

Of course, each championship will have a different end time because the effects of COVID-19 are not the same. Currently, the championship of Russia and Turkey is still going on normally.

UEFA wants European championships to end before June 30

How will the delayed Euro 2019/20 season affect other tournaments?

The UEFA postponement of the Euro 2019/20 season will affect many other tournaments. The European Championship for women’s teams is scheduled to take place in the UK in the summer of 2021 but is considering being moved to the summer of 2021.

Plans to host the U21 European Championship or the Nations League will also have to be rescheduled or canceled to give priority to Euro 2021.

Copa America 2020 also postponed until summer 2021

In addition, the South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) also decided to postpone Copa America 2020 until the summer of 2021 to support plans to extend the European Championships until June-July. https://thenewssports.net/