What MotoGP Is And Things To Know

MotoGP is known as the leading 2-wheel sports racing system in the world which takes place every year in many countries around the world. The most professional riders from different countries competed with the most advanced motorcycle technology – with prototype machines manufactured by manufacturers including Aprilia, Ducati, and Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM.

Grand Prix Week

What MotoGP Is And Things To Know

At the end of the Grand Prix weak, there is the main race in each of the three categories of MotoGP:

Moto3 – 4-cylinder, 250cc, single-cylinder replaced the GP 125cc type in 2012. The maximum age for riders is 28 (25 for freelance riders or those who have just signed and competed in Moto3 for the first time) and a minimum age of 16 unless that racer is the Champion in the FIM CEV Repsol Youth World Championship Moto3, in which case they may be younger.

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Moto2 – The Moto2 class has replaced the 250cc type since 2010. Honda is the only engine supplier and Dunlop provides tires. Bikes equipped with a 4-stroke 600cc engine produce about 140 horsepower, but the design and structure of the chassis are free in the constraints of the FIM Grand Prix Specification. They may not use the mainframe, rear cover, fuel tank, saddle and fairing/bodywork from a non-prototype motorcycle (ie mass-produced). The minimum age for a driver is 16.

MotoGP – The final challenge for the best talents in the motor racing, in which the maximum engine power is 1000cc (four-stroke engine) mentioned above and the minimum age for the driver is 18.


What MotoGP Is And Things To Know

Riders and racing teams (manufacturers) compete for the respective Grand Prix FIM Road Racing World Championship titles. The Manufacturer Championships are different from the competing teams for the MotoGP Team Championships because there are multiple teams competing on the same machines from the same manufacturer.

The points achieved in each race are the points that count towards their total world championship for riders. For manufacturers, only the highest placed vehicle of a given manufacturer will earn points, according to the position in the race.

Teams in the MotoGP format generally consist of two riders. All points scored by both riders in the Team, including substitutes, are counted in the Team Championship. In the case of a racing team, only the number of points that drivers will count towards the Team Championship. Freestyle drivers do not score points for the Team Championship.

Design and stamp match

Grand Prix motorcycles are built to win the race and showcase the design and technology capabilities of the manufacturers. Therefore, these machines are made from expensive, hard and extremely light materials such as titanium and reinforced carbon fiber and benefit from advanced technology (carbon disc brakes, engine management system, control). traction control), not on conventional vehicles.

With millions of fans watching each round of the World Championship, the cars also serve as ads for many major brands to sponsor MotoGP teams. Each vehicle displays each racing driver’s unique number on the front and rear and often has the colors and logos of the respective team sponsors as well as many other logos displaying the names of the sponsors. auxiliary of the team.

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