What Is Enduro Motorbike, Learn About Warrior Of The “Daredevils”

Have you ever heard of the terrain vehicles, locusts, offroad, or dirt bikes? What is Enduro “locusts”? In this article we will learn together about the design of “locusts” is Enduro motorbike and motocross. The two models look very similar in style, but they are very different.

Overview of Enduro motorbike

What Is Enduro Motorbike, Learn About Warrior Of The “Daredevils”

What is Enduro is probably a lot of questions for those who are new to terrain racing? An Enduro motorbike is a versatile vehicle because of its high adaptability.

Enduro is also known by the familiar name of “locusts” with a large diameter of locust to be able to run on many different types of terrain. Enduro motorbikes can run anywhere: forests, tarmacs, deserts, and even long roads. Enduro fuel tank has a huge capacity.

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Enduro’s engine will have two types of engines depending on the purpose of the car player.

2-stroke engine for vehicles with a displacement of 125cc – 300cc

4 stroke engine for vehicles with the displacement of 250cc – 600cc

A special feature of the Enduro motorbikes is that the parts on the bike are easily replaced to suit each terrain. For example, Enduro tires are never fixed, you can easily replace tires compatible with the type of terrain you are going to run. For example, running on the street uses 20% on-road tires and 80% off-road tires. If running on rough terrain, it is easy to replace 50 – 50 tires.

Enduro motorbikes have large ground clearance, the suspension system on the bike is a long-distance shock absorber. More specifically, unlike other terrain vehicles, Enduro owns all mirrors, lights, license plates.

Do you know the Rally Raid, this is a variant of Enduro. It is used exclusively in the Paris-Dakar desert race. The characteristic of Rally Raid is the large fuel tank and very large cylinder capacity, ranging from 450 – 750cc.

Compare Enduro and Motocross

What Is Enduro Motorbike, Learn About Warrior Of The “Daredevils”

Differences in design

In the previous section, you already know what an Enduro is, right? So let’s find out about motocross and see the difference between these two terrain vehicles.

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In contrast to Enduro, motocross has the lightest weight so that vehicle achieves the fastest acceleration. Although motocross does not have a large maximum speed, it easily reaches the maximum speed in the shortest time. A four-stroke 450cc four-stroke motocross will reach 120km / h.

If the Enduro motorbike has a large fuel tank design and is equipped with almost all the necessary parts, the motocross is the opposite. Because to ensure the bike reaches the fastest acceleration, they have been designed by the designers to reduce the dark weight on any part of the vehicle: small fuel tank capacity, limited electrical switch system, no buttons. Electricity … gear ratios between short levels.

Unlike Enduro, motocross gearbox is not suitable for running at high speed. The bike has a loud noise, the exhaust system has less sound filtration. Therefore, if you want to use motocross to Enduro racing, you need to replace the exhaust pipe and the chain slug system.

Motocross is not a model for traveling on long roads because of the stiff suspension, hard saddle sucking, and light steering wheel. Moreover, the motocross tires are specially designed for off-road use.

With Enduro it’s a mixed vehicle so it can be used on both asphalt and off-road. The Enduro forks are designed for shorter journeys and the saddle is softer than motocross. Therefore, the Enduro motorbike brings a more comfortable feeling in the long run.

Because also suitable on the street, the Enduro is also equipped with an electric steering wheel for the engine. But it does not reduce the car’s capacity but also makes the machine a lot softer.

Characteristics of the two models

What Is Enduro Motorbike, Learn About Warrior Of The “Daredevils”

In terms of power, both Enduro and motocross have the same power specs. As Enduro KTM 450 EXC and motocross KTM 450, SX-F both produce 62 horsepower. Both have the same power, so what is the difference between Enduro?

On flat roads, Enduro will be more friendly and easier than motocross. In contrast, when running in a race, motocross demonstrates its strength rather than Enduro, because motocross was born to do this.

When running in the dark with Enduro, you don’t have to worry about anything, but for motocross, you need to install more lights.

In terms of comfort for long journeys, Enduro is superior to motocross. Because motocross was born to race in a short time period of 45 minutes, it will not count as comfortable as Enduro.

In terms of weight, the Enduro will definitely be a lot heavier, because it is equipped with more details. For example, the KTM 450 EXC Enduro is 9kg heavier than the KTM 450SX-F motocross.

In terms of acceleration, the motocross will be the winner at all times.

Enduro motorbike has a higher speed than motocross because the gear ratio between Enduro is longer.

Because of the rigid suspension, the engine operates harshly, the motocross will need more frequent maintenance than the Enduro.