What is cricket? Cricket information you may not know!

Cricket” is a term that is probably quite new to many people, but in sports, this is a very popular sport. So what is cricket? How to play it? We will give you the most interesting information about it in the article below!

What is Cricket?

Cricket” is a popular sport around the globe. This is a bat used to hit the ball and play between two teams, each team will have 11 players playing on the round field and is divided into two rounds, each turn will be divided into 11 small sessions and each session there will be 2 players in 2 teams playing together.

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In cricket matches, the two teams play alternately, with one serving for each team hitting the ball. If all players of the batting team are disqualified, one team will change to pitch the ball and the other will hit the ball.

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The rules

Specifically, at the beginning of a cricket match, each team will send 2 people to hold the sticks standing at both ends of a flat strip of land as prescribed (also known as pitch). Each end will have the team’s three tiers (or wicket), consisting of three sticks inserted into the ground, with two sticks placed at the top.

At that time, the opposing team will also send one to serve your team at the head of the player (also known as the bowler) and some members of that team will stand around waiting for the ball (fielder).

The person who is to serve the ball will attempt to throw it from one end to the other with the goal of letting the ball bounce from the ground and causing the three of the sticks on the other side to break. The person who is appointed to take the bats of the opposing team will have to find a way to hit the ball outside, protecting his three sticks.

If the ball is knocked away, the two cricket players who hold the bat must run in the direction of the ball, running back and forth between the two ends of the field. For each such run, it will count as a unit.

And after that, the players of the pitching team will have to catch the ball on return to be graded. Just like that, the two players on the right run back and forth and earn points for their team until one of them is thrown out by the team.

A player of the hitting team will be disqualified in the following cases:

– The handball team breaks the stick when throwing the ball.

– The team that catches the ball when the batter hits it again without having touched the ground.

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– The person who hits the ball to touch the front line and covering the three sticks will be penalized and eliminated.

– The person who is assigned to throw the ball must break the three sticks while the batter is still running and cannot return to catch the ball.

At the end of each match, the points of the two teams will be calculated as follows:

– The cricket player who runs from the beginning of the field to the other side will be a plan.

– For each player hitting the ball to the edge of the field, there will be 4 cells.

– The player who hits the ball not to touch the ground and flies outside the boundary line will be 6 cells.