What Is Baseball Rules? Learn About Baseball

Originating in the United States, baseball is a popular sport with a lot of followers with about 500 million followers. The article would like to share about baseball rules and some basic features of baseball sport to help you learn about this sport.

Learn basic baseball rules

Size of a baseball field

What Is Baseball Rules? Learn About Baseball

The basic baseball rules are clear rules about the size of a baseball field. Although this size depends on the size and form of play that the baseball field may have different sizes, there will be a common rule of the size that is often used for both male and female baseball team in each American baseball tournament.

The baseball field is designed in a square shape with 4 equally spaced corners. The length of the sides is 27.4m for the men’s court and 18.2m for the women’s court. Surrounding the yard is a 99m-shaped propeller on both sides with an arc connecting the two limited ends with a radius of about 122m.

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Baseball equipment

What Is Baseball Rules? Learn About Baseball

Baseball is a sport that uses a lot of equipment such as bats, gloves, baseball. This is a mandatory tool and it also has the criteria specified by the general baseball rules.

Baseball bats: Baseball bats are often prescribed to be made of wood or alloy, these are the two main materials for making a standard bat. The length of the bat is about 0.7 to 1m, the weight of the bat must not more than 1kg, the design of the bat will gradually grow towards the ball contact, about 5cm diameter at the widest part. To increase friction when holding the stick, the hand part can do some small details.

Baseball ball: The ball is about 6.8cm in diameter and weighs 0.15kg. The baseball shape is round, inside is an outer rubber that can be covered with leather or rubber material. In professional tournaments, the quality of baseball is very well tested.

Gloves: Not all players need to use gloves in baseball. Only positions like Catcher, Pitcher, and Hatter can use it. Baseball gloves must be made from a material that helps the catch of the ball to be firm and non-slip.

Rules of baseball

What Is Baseball Rules? Learn About Baseball

The structure of a baseball tournament will consist of federations and within each league, there will be many different teams belonging to one league. There will be an arrangement so that in a baseball season the teams will have a balanced number of matches, at the end of the season the team that wins the most will be crowned champion that season.

According to baseball rules, in a baseball match, the away team will be the first to attack and the home team will defend first.

The baseball match will be played by the competition of two teams. Each team will have 9 people and the match will be played in 9 rounds except Perfect Game occurs. At the end of the match, determine the number of points the team has won to determine the winner.

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The most important goal of baseball is to get as many points as possible and a point in baseball called Run.

A run is recorded when the player, during the attack, can go through the bases, forming a square called a diamond (the four corners of the baseball field are four positions that the player plays). After hitting the ball will run to these 4 corners.

When starting to play the home team will be the first to defend and the away team will try to attack and score (run).

Starting from the home disk position, the attacker will try to get the right to run, go to the next base and touch that corner, then return to the original base (home plate). After completing this process, the run will be counted for the attacking team. And that is the baseball rules.

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