What Does The Bundesliga League Prepare For The Comeback Day?

The exact time of the return ball is not known, but the Germans have put in place a thorough program for the planning of the Bundesliga league is post-pandemic matches. Not only the audience stands empty, everything will have to change in order to limit the spread of disease.

What Does The Bundesliga League Prepare For The Comeback Day

Politicians join in

From the German perspective, organizing football after the disease subsides is not the task of footballers. Recently, Mr. Bjoern Boehning, General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, sent the Organizing Committee of the German Football League (DFL) a long list of disease prevention requirements in the Bundesliga league and the lower leagues in time. next.

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In a handwritten reply to Mr. Boehning, the DFL leader said that they fully agreed with his suggestions. The implementation of medical assurance not only applies to players and coaches, but also to the staff at the team. They performed more pandemic tests than the others, up to 2 times a week during the tournament comeback and without exception.

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Many players will feel uncomfortable with the strict rules introduced to ensure their own safety in the future. If he agrees to return to play, the player will not be allowed to move as they were before. They can only go to one of the following places: private houses, training ground, stadiums, and hotel accommodation teams. All are prohibited from going to other places and will be managed by phone locator software.

Previously, a few close players at the team could drive to the training ground but now, that is no longer allowed. Each person must go from home to the yard by private car, not carrying anyone. And in the days of the match, all had to get on the team bus early if they did not want to be left before the ball rolled.

The possibility of Bundesliga coming back in May still has many obstacles
The possibility of Bundesliga coming back in May still has many obstacles

Wear a mask on the field

Besides the draft, filled with strict rules, the DFL also wants the clubs to quarantine themselves at the training camp for a few weeks before the ball officially rolls. This can last through June. The Germans used to pay dearly for the tragedy of goalkeeper Robert Enke, so they don’t want to lose another player due to illness. But that has not completely prevented the risk of infection.

DFL identifies every player who can be a source of the pandemic during contact with relatives at home, so it is proposed to include these people in the group that needs to be isolated and tested regularly. The organizers expected the family of the players to volunteer to do so, otherwise, each player is required to make a daily medical report, record all social activities to detect the source of infection if the disease breaks out.

The German Ministry of Labor is, even more, calculating with the proposal requiring all players to wear masks on the field. DFL denied this because no one can breathe if wearing a mask at the competition, but also taking into account the ability of the reserve player to wear a mask. Only that way will help DFL to persuade the plan to submit to fastidious politicians to bring football into the game soon.

Of course, the possibility of the Bundesliga league starting in May is still open. The Netherlands has officially canceled the league, France and Italy are also gradually following. Germany may be succeeding in stopping the virus from spreading but allowing an event where hundreds of people gather each time like a football match is still risky.

8,000 M’gladbach fans with … carton

M’gladbach fans have made 8,000 printed pictures of themselves to put on the stands of Borussia-Park. This is a job to help the M’gladbach players less “lonely” when the Bundesliga league comes back next time in a state of no audience. M’gladbach fans who want to encourage their home team in this way will pay 19 euros to a charity, a portion of which will be used as a local support fund to recover damage from the global epidemic.

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Do not let emotions overwhelm reason

The German Sports Ministry affirmed that the right to decide whether the tournament would continue or be canceled in the future did not lie with them. Everything needs to be carefully discussed with the governor of each state, Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel loves football but is also considering canceling the tournament to ensure safety for the people.

18. In the case of the Bundesliga league re-competition, each German club must follow 18 medical examination rules by the Ministry of Health of this country in collaboration with the German Football Federation medical committee to ensure the safety of players, coaches and logistics staff.

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