What Does Liverpool F.C Have To Do To Upgrade To The Higher Ver?

Coach Juergen Klopp frequently said that Liverpool F.C is currently not the most dangerous version. However, what does Klopp need to do to upgrade The Kop to a higher current version? Consult with experts Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness.

What Does Liverpool F.C Have To Do To Upgrade To The Higher Ver

Find a contingency for the attack

Yesterday, Sky Sports had a small talk on The Football Show with two former guests, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness. The content discussed is a way to upgrade Liverpool F.C to the more current version.

Through a gap of up to 25 points on the Premier League table with the second place in the Man City table, many fans think that the Red Brigade is too strong compared to the common ground of the Premier League. Many people even think that coach Juergen Klopp is in the hands of the most powerful Liverpool F.C in history.

However, Klopp’s dream is to create a glorious era, not just to bring the first Premier League title in history to the traditional room. An era is defined by the time that dominates, by winning the Champions League and by the prospects of the future squad.

Liverpool F.C is currently thought to be very strong, but in Carragher’s view, it is still quite fragile. The problem lies in the attack. The assassin trio of Sadio Mane – Roberto Firmino – Mohamed Salah is currently 100% responsible for the attack of The Kop. Liverpool F.C needs a backup plan for the attack. That is Carragher’s point.

Klopp must find a backup for Robertson and the Mane - Firmino - Salah trio
Klopp must find a backup for Robertson and the Mane – Firmino – Salah trio

According to statistics, all three Klopp strikers have played over 2,000 minutes in the Premier League this season, while backup options such as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xherdan Shaqiri … are almost no match or not. Klopp considered the backup plan. So just the link between Mane – Firmino – Salah is broken, Liverpool F.C will “break” as well.

Who prepares for Robertson?

Graeme Souness also agrees with this view. The former Kop coach (1991–1994) even went specifically into the name that Liverpool F.C needed to buy: Striker Timo Werner. According to Souness, teams that maintain the momentum of domination are forced to spend big at a given time if they want to preserve strength or become stronger. Timo Werner will be a perfect investment for the future, regardless of his worth.

The attack is not the only place where backup options are needed. Jamie Carragher said that Juergen Klopp is currently quite lucky because the players in his defense have not suffered any serious injuries. However, the reality is that the position of Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson has no worthy substitute.

“Andy Robertson, in my opinion, is the only player who can play at left-back in Liverpool. I want to emphasize: A true left-back, not a temporary option like using James Milner. I was surprised that Klopp never mentioned buying a backup for Robertson. If this position is a problem, I think the Liverpool F.C defense will be affected, ”Carragher said.

Van Dijk’s position is similar to that of Robertson, although Klopp theoretically has true central defenders to fill the void if Van Dijk is absent. However, what Klopp needs is not a mere central defender but a reserve leader. He once put this belief in Jordan Henderson but failed.

All in all, Liverpool’s strength will be raised to a new level if they increase the depth of the squad, especially in the 3 positions of attacking, center-back and left-back.

Liverpool wants N’Dicka

Liverpool has joined Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Evan N’Dicka. The 20-year-old is also in the sights of Southampton, Arsenal and Tottenham. N’Dicka has been doing really well since the Bundesliga return leg this season. France U21 players also contract with the German team until 2023. Liverpool F.C will have to spend no less than 30 million euros if they want to own the rising center-back of Frankfurt.

2610 – There is a huge disparity when Virgil van Dijk has played 2,610 minutes in the Premier League this season, while Van Dijk’s reserve player Joel Matip has only played 631 minutes. Dejan Lovren also played 760 minutes.

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