What did Kaka and Aloisio Chulapa say when Ronaldinho in prison?

Kaka regrets what happened to Ronaldinho, who is being held in Paraguay on charges of using a fake passport to enter the country.

Besides that, former Aloisio Chulapa striker thinks it’s time for fans to protect Ronaldinho for what he has dedicated

Kaka: “I felt so sad when I saw what happened with Ronaldinho”

“Of course, we don’t have enough information yet to know how things happen. What we know is news from the press. As a former friend and teammate of Ronaldinho, I feel sorry for what happened to him, “Ricardo Kaka shared when attending the Jogo Aberto program as a guest.

Kaka continued: “My prayers and support right now are to hope that everything will be resolved as soon as possible so that Ronaldinho can escape the current situation. At that time, we can see a Ronaldinho like always. He is a person who often laughs, plays improvised football and always brings joy to the audience “.

Kaka pity what happened to Ronaldinho. He expected his former teammate to escape prison soon.
Kaka pity what happened to Ronaldinho. He expected his former teammate to escape prison soon.

Ricardo Kaka and Ronaldinho used to work alongside AC Milan. The two played together for a season before Kaka left the San Siro field to move to Real Madrid. At the national level, Kaka and Ronaldinho are also teammates.

Ronaldinho has been detained in Paraguay since March 6. He appealed and asked to be released on bail, but the judge who accepted the case rejected the application because he was worried that the former Brazilian player could “fly away”. The Paraguayan press said former Barca and AC Milan stars are facing the risk of long term imprisonment.

According to ESPN, Ronaldinho received many favors in prison. On March 21, he even celebrated his birthday. Recently, the new order of the prison is the place where he was held to make a decision to ban relatives and friends from visiting the former midfielder because of fears of a pandemic.

Former Brazilian player: ‘Should not turn away from Ronaldinho’

The former striker Aloisio Chulapa said that this is the time for fans to protect Ronaldinho because of what he has devoted to the sport of the king.

“With Ronaldinho, we should not turn away, we should respect an idol. He has brought a lot of fun for our country, for millions of fans,” Globo Esporte quoted the former’s share. 45-year-old Aloisio.

“It is sad to see him in this situation. If Ronaldinho is brought back to Brazil, I will help him out of this situation immediately, returning home with joy. Everyone knows about talent and magic. that he has shown, “he added.

Aloisio and Ronaldinho used to be teammates at PSG.
Aloisio and Ronaldinho used to be teammates at PSG.

Aloisio Chulapa and Ronaldinho worked side by side at Paris Saint-Germain from 2001 to 2003. In the French shirt, Aloisio scored 14 goals in 54 matches. After that, he moved to play for Rubin Kazan (Russia), then returned to his hometown teams.

Recalling the time he spent with Ronaldinho, Aloisio said: “For me, it was a pleasure to play with him. My past at PSG, both on and off the pitch, was humility and who he is. “

Ronaldinho and his brother Assis were arrested by Paraguay police for using a fake passport to enter on 4/3. Two people are under investigation for suspicion regarding the money laundering line of businesswoman Dalia Lopez. Paraguay’s prosecutor’s office believes that the leading Dalia organization may have laundered up to $ 400 million in the country over the past five years.

Fifteen people were arrested in connection with the incident, while Dalia was still hiding. According to lawyer Acacio Miranda, the former Brazilian player, Ronaldinho may face a 10-year sentence.
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