What Advantages Does The NBA Have When The Olympic Is Postponed?

The worldwide pandemic seemed to make the NBA miserable, but accidentally it caused the Olympic to postpone and open another bargain for the American professional basketball tournament.

What advantages does when the Olympic 2020 is postponed?

Another day and another sporting event were postponed, this is gradually becoming normal. Despite the efforts and determination of the Organizing Committee, the IOC still has to make a decision to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympic this summer.

But for NBA President Adam Silver, this is no more fun. The biggest hurdle preventing the continuation of the American professional basketball season 2019-2020 has been removed. The tournament now doesn’t have to worry about whether the stars will be hesitant to choose between the Olympic or the NBA.

Every day, there is no match to place an additional burden on the organizers. But with Tokyo 2020 unable to start the competition on July 24 as expected, the NBA is a time beneficiary when it is possible to extend the season to July and August without having to be afraid of the spectators’ US channel will change to see Olympic.

USA Tel no longer has the headache of choosing personnel for the Olympic
USA Tel no longer has the headache of choosing personnel for the Olympic

For President Adam Silver, the summer tournament could help the value of the TV license package increase. Ever since he had started that job, the concept of Golden Hour had changed a lot, especially when you could carry television and fit in your pocket.

“The number of TV watching in the summer season now has changed. Whether the pandemic or not, the tournament is calculated to get matches in the summer. Many bosses have worked in the engineering and media industries. and we are spending a lot of time on research, especially in the last year. “

Atlanta Hawks General Manager Steve Koonin once suggested that the tournament begins at Christmas and lasts until August. This helps the NBA avoid competing with NFL matches on television, thereby increasing the value of the copyright packages.

Giannis Antetokounmpo will be difficult to think when choosing between Olympic and NBA
Giannis Antetokounmpo will be difficult to think when choosing between Olympic and NBA

The only problem with that proposal was that the Olympic took place in July. As the NBA gets more and more international players competing, it means the organizers will have to pay more attention to international tournaments like FIBA ​​World Cup or Olympic. Will Milwaukee Bucks still be worth watching in the Finals series when reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo travels to Japan in search of a Gold medal with Greece?

At least that barrier has been removed this year. There will be plenty of other bad news with the epidemic, but at least one good news from the IOC. Even if it’s just a small consolation, it is worth the NBA.

Skip NBA, American athletes become legendary Olympic subjects … Athletics

Four times at the Olympic, winning nine Olympic gold medals, eight World Championship gold medals in various events, Carl Lewis is one of America’s greatest athletic legends. However, few people know that Lewis can completely become an NBA player. Rather, he rejected the NBA.

The NBA Draft 1984 was the time when each team could choose 2 whole rosters, instead of just 2 rounds as currently. With the final vote, Chicago Bulls named Carl Lewis, an athlete from the University of Houston.

It would not be worth mentioning if Lewis … had never played basketball. At the time, he was 22 years old and famous as one of the leading athletes, not just the United States. Athletes from Houston won the 100m, 4x100m HCV and Long Jump at the World Championship.

Carl Lewis was selected for the NBA and the NFL although ... don't know what to play
Carl Lewis was selected for the NBA and the NFL although … don’t know what to play

After all, after 207 votes there were no remaining basketball talents left for the Bulls to find. Although Carl Lewis has never played basketball, the world’s top speed and momentum are worth their bets, especially when the price is only the last option of the Draft that year.

Two months before the Chicago Bulls made one of the strangest options in the NBA Draft history, Carl Lewis was named at the NFL Draft, the selection of players for the American professional rugby league, also in the 10th round. Coincidentally, athletes born in 1961 also … don’t know how to play rugby. The only sport other than Athletics he has ever played is football.

It is not difficult for Carl Lewis to make a decision to refuse both sports forte, especially when he made about $ 1 million at the time, about 10 times the salary at the NFL or the NBA. His goal is the Olympic Games in July in Helsinki.

This decision is completely correct, when Carl Lewis won the number one position in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and Long Jump in Helsinki. For Chicago Bulls, they do not need to regret, because, in the 3rd round at the 1984 Draft, they chose Michael Jordan.
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