Wayne Rooney: ‘MU Will Be Much Stronger If Van Gaal Stays’

Striker Wayne Rooney has insisted that the dismissal of manager Manchester United by coach Louis van Gaal after two seasons is a hasty decision.

Is Louis van Gaal going to be fired too soon?
Is Louis van Gaal going to be fired too soon?

Louis van Gaal was born on 8/8/1951 in the city of Amsterdam (Netherlands). He has led many top European teams like Ajax, Barca, Bayern Munich, and MU. Louis van Gaal is a successful leader when he won all prestigious titles with Ajax, including the 1994/95 Champions League season.

Wayne Rooney felt devastated.

“I feel devastated when Louis van Gaal is fired. For me, it is a pleasure to work with him. MU should have kept Van Gaal to the third season, and the team will be stronger. “, Wayne Rooney told The Mirror.

“I feel like things are improving and the players started to understand his vision. In those two years, I learned from Van Gaal more than any other coach,” the former MU striker said.

Wayne Rooney has a good relationship with coach Van Gaal during his time at Man United.
Wayne Rooney has a good relationship with coach Van Gaal during his time at Man United.

Rooney worked with coach Van Gaal from 2014-2016. In the two seasons under the Dutch coach, Rooney played the striker backward, but still showed great influence and the ability to score acutely with 29 goals after 78 appearances for “Red Devils”.

“Not only gave me the captain’s armband, Van Gaal always expected and put my trust in me. That’s why I always feel grateful to him,” said the striker of Derby County staff.

Reason why Coach Van Gaal failed

Talking about the reason coach Van Gaal did not really succeed at MU, Wayne Rooney analyzed: “We do not own the strongest squad in the tournament, but can compete in the top 4. However, when the injury struck. Come, MU is in big trouble because we don’t have the same quality alternatives as before. “

“I want to be a coach and working with Louis is an invaluable experience for myself. I learn a lot and cannot expect to be a better coach than him,” Rooney praised.

Coach Van Gaal broke up with MU in 2016 and has not led any other team since. Meanwhile, Rooney left MU in 2017 and moved to play for Everton, DC United and Derby County, respectively.

Van Gaal never took up the job again after leaving Old Trafford and officially announced his retirement in early 2019 – shortly after Mourinho himself left the Reds.

He recently blamed United’s executive PCT, Ed Woodward, for his dismissal, describing the character as an “evil genius”.

And Wayne Rooney himself has now the first step in the coaching career. He currently plays both as a player and a coach at Derby County Club in the Championship.

MU fired Van Gaal: No regrets

When Van Gaal was dismissed, some people said that the team treated the strategist unfairly because he just brought the team to the FA Cup. Van Gaal himself said that he is also building a squad to bring MU back to winning trajectory, returning to the position of a big team that can compete with every title like it was under Alex Ferguson so the leader board “Red Devils” canceled the contract proves their impatience, lack of confidence.

However, the arguments that Van Gaal or his defender gave were merely quibbles. Although MU does not know what will happen, the new strategist will lead the team to success or not but can confirm that the dismissal of Van Gaal is a reasonable action of the leadership of the Old Trafford team. Because viewed from many angles, the departure of the Dutch strategist will be better for MU.

In addition, Van Gaal also did not win the MU players
In addition, Van Gaal also did not win the MU players

Looking at the amount of money this team spends on the transfer market, plus the legacy that Ferguson left that MU only get the FA Cup, it cannot be considered a success.

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