Wayne Rooney’s salary is cut: The Premier League is about to panic

MU Legend, Wayne Rooney expressed frustration when the players in England in general and the English Premier League, in particular, have been cut 30% of income.

Wayne Rooney is reactions towards salary reduction

The Premier League is facing a financial crisis during a moratorium due to COVID-19. In a meeting on April 3 with the most powerful authorities in the football “foggy country”, representatives of 20 Premier League clubs agreed to cut 30% of a player’s monthly salary to share difficulties. It is expected that lower-class clubs will apply the same policy.

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Rooney pressing when English players are forced to reduce 30% of income
Rooney pressing when English players are forced to reduce 30% of income

However, not every football star agrees, such as Wayne Rooney. In an article published in The Times, the former MU player confirmed that he and his colleagues have no decisive voice, even being forced to reduce wages:

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“I am 34 years old, have a long career, stable income but not all football players. Now we are suddenly asked to reduce 30% salary and become a scapegoat?”.

Besides, Wayne Rooney also severely criticized Health Minister Matt Hancock – the first character to call England players to reduce wages: “The past few days are like disgrace, opening with a call for Premier players. League must reduce the salary of the Minister of Health.

He is responsible for keeping up to date on the nation’s biggest crisis, why bother with our income? Is it an attempt to distract the public from the government’s desperate pandemic? “Rooney declared.

The most prolific goalscorer in MU history revealed that not all football players in the UK are wealthy, so a 30% cut in income could affect their lives:

“A young Derby County player only gets £ 2,000 a week, he won’t be able to support his family if he gets a £ 600 pay cut. This policy should only apply to the right individual, someone ready. 30% off, some people can only reduce 5% of their salary. Teams should sit down with their players and explain to them that saving is the only way to survive. “

The press “attacked” the bosses

It all comes from the statement of an anonymous Premier League player who said, “We want to use the money to support the NHS (National Health Service – PV), not to help the rich owners.” Yes. “Earlier, the Premier League and many other agencies had asked players to reduce their salaries by 30% to join the community.

Liverpool tended to break the law owing to financial law
Liverpool tended to break the law owing to financial law

A number of millionaire stars in the Premier League were angry at the proposal. According to the latest share of the legendary Alan Shearer in The Sun, the Premier League stars are not afraid to cut their income amid the world struggling for the COVID-19 epidemic, but they want the money. is quoted as an aid to British health authorities in their fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, not just to the wealthy bosses.

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Also in his article, Shearer cited David de Gea contributing £ 270,000 to the anti-COVID-19 campaign in Spain, Marcus Rashford mobilized food donations to create free meals and Jordan Henderson quietly created a fund dedicated to the NHS now raising millions of pounds.

After all, Shearer said that the British government should not misinterpret the players when they are dissatisfied in reducing wages. “They just want to know where their wages have actually gone,” the former player said. Besides, in the DailyMail, the writer Oliver Holt posted a forum criticizing the owners of clubs in England.

According to Holt, it is the billionaires who have a lot of money to be obliged to contribute to the community, instead of putting pressure on the players and treating them like “children”.

In particular, the Liverpool incident when using financial tricks when applying for financial aid from the British government to pay salaries for employees shocked many fans.

Above is the current situation in the Premier Lague, Wayne Rooney reactions towards salary reduction and Liverpool’ tricks to lesson financial losses.

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