Waking Up After 3 Years Of Shocking Coma, How Excellent Is Nouri?

Great news came to Ajax fans when their young talents – Nouri regained consciousness after a long coma.

Waking up after 3 years of shocking coma, how outstanding is Ajax – the young Dutch star?

Recently, midfielder Abdelhak Nouri, Ajax‘s promising young talent, suddenly woke up and recovered miraculously after nearly 3 years of plant life. This is great news at the right time when football in the world continually welcomes unhappy things during the global pandemic.

Nouri once died in the yard
Nouri once died in the yard

The forgettable incident happened three years ago when he had a stroke on the field. The audience with a friendly battle between Ajax and Werder Bremen in 2017 will probably never forget that dark memory. Despite being dedicated to the care of doctors, the midfielder was unconscious and comatose for a long time even after being brought home.

The player was quickly rescued, but suffered serious brain damage and was unable to recover, so he had to live permanent plant life.

However, after 3 years of struggling with death, he suddenly woke up. A long sleep for the Dutch midfielder. The whole he family felt very happy and equally shocked to see him regain life.

Abderrahim Nouri‘s brother confirmed the information on television: “He was awake. He was able to eat, sleep, express emotions, but in general, my brother still had to rely on everyone in the house. He sometimes shows very small emotions when we turn on the TV with the football screen. That makes everyone touched.”

Nouri was once highly valued at Ajax
he was once highly valued at Ajax

The fact that Abdelhak Nouri was clinically diagnosed by doctors in his 20s made many people who love this boy feel regret. Simply because of the talent and what Nouri has shown before in the Ajax shirt is very remarkable.

Even the famous valuation site Transfermarkt once appreciated Nouri for the transfer value of about 2.5 million euros (over 64 billion), which is not a small number in 2017. Besides, The Moroccan midfielder also shows a great influence on the way Ajax plays every game. He was once said to be more outstanding than De Ligt or De Jong, two talents at the same time at Ajax.

Unfortunately, when her team-mates of the same age took off and matured at the big European teams, Nouri had to fight to win life every day. It can be said that he is one of the most unfortunate and unfortunate players that European football has ever produced.

Ajax fans encourage Nouri in a match in the Dutch league
Ajax fans encourage Nouri in a match in the Dutch league

Thousands of Ajax supporters once flocked to Nouri‘s private home to encourage the player during the plant life. Those love, with the love of family, finally the miracle came when this young player awoke after a long time of coma.

This news made the football world more optimistic in the midst of the current pandemic and believed it would eventually win, as Nouri won her coma to return to reality.
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