Men’s World Cup in volleyball 2019 results

The early final of the World Cup of men’s volleyball 2019 tournament was not so drastic as expected when Brazil beat the United States relatively gently.

After successfully knocking out the Russian team to excel in winning the ticket to the top 4 of the men’s volleyball championship 2018. On September 28, the two biggest forces of the men’s volleyball world, the team USA and Brazil met to compete for the first place in the table. This match is the most expected volleyball world football world by the US team (No. 2 in the world) and Brazil (No. 1 in the world) is monopolizing the two highest positions on the rankings of FIVB.

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The early final

In the match considered to be the early final of the World Cup men’s volleyball 2019 tournament, Brazil’s No. 1 team in the word easily defeated the Us No. 2 team 25-23, 25-22, 25-17. With this result, Brazil consolidated the top position with a record of winning 7 matches. The United States lost to Brazil and Argentina on the day of their debut, so they fell to 3rd with 5 wins and 2 losses. Due to winning against Egypt 25-19, 25-18, 25-16, Poland climbed to second place with 6 wins and 1 loss to the US.

All 3 games between Brazil vs the USA this afternoon took place with the same scenario. Brazil has always been the team that took the lead, but the US proved it was capable of chasing, even leading the opposition.

The problem is that no matter how hard the United States tries, Brazil keeps the game under control. Lead has exactly 3 times in 3 games, the US created a gap of 2 points. However, it all happened at the time when the two sides scored about 10 to 14 points, meaning that it was only halfway to the milestone of winning that game (25 points).

And to the point, Brazil always knows how to make a breakthrough in time. In-game 1, they let the US hold out to 23-23. To game 2, the US can only stay up to 20-20 is out of breath. By game 3, the US was obviously more desperate due to falling behind after the 16-16 score.

Game 3 is also the time when Brazil makes the US players feel the most desperate, as evidenced by the gap that is dug more and deeper, to the point that 8 points are the highest from the beginning of the match. And that the end of the men’s world cup in volleyball 2019.


World Cup volleyball 2019 officially ended in men’s content with a spectacular Brazilian coronation with an unbeaten record. Poland and the United States are ranked 2nd and 3rd. Japan is the most impressive team in this tournament with 4th place overall. In addition to Yuki Ishikawa winning the title of the best host, the 19-year-old Nishida also played impressively to win the best volley position in this tournament.

Personal titles:

Best passing: Yuji Nishida (Japan)

Best setting: Micah Christenson (USA)

Best couple: Wilfredo León (Poland), Yuki Ishikawa (Japan)

Best extra couple: Maxwell Holt (USA), Lucas Saatkamp (Brazil)

Best Libero: Thales Hoss (Brazil)

The most comprehensive player: Alan Souza (Brazil)