Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama Prediction | J.League | 06/23

Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama prediction: The breakthrough in the past time has brought many advantages to Vissel Kobe in the current top race. And in the next round, they will welcome the struggling Yokohama. This will be an opportunity for the home team to prolong their sublimation series.

Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama Prediction


  • Match date: 09:00 am on 2021/06/23
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 19th
  • Location: Noevir Stadium






Receiving only 1 defeat in the last 6 matches has helped Vissel Kobe make a great breakthrough in the race to the top of this season. 31 points after 18 rounds played, helping them temporarily rank 5th on the rankings. Currently, they’re only 3 points behind the top 3. The flag is slowly coming to hand and now is the time when Vissel Kobe will need to maintain their stability in the next part of the tournament.

Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama Prediction

Meanwhile, Yokohama is not performing well in recent times. They only got 1 win in the last 7 rounds. This has caused Yokohama to gradually decline and is currently stuck at the bottom of the rankings with only 7 points. This is supposed to be a disastrous struggle. They will have to play at Vissel Kobe’s home ground in the next match. This will continue to be a challenge for Yokohama. It will be a competitive match where the home team is somewhat overwhelmed. However, there is a high probability that there will not be too many goals scored.

Select: Over FT.


With the home field advantage, Vissel Kobe is the more appreciated team in this match. In general, the fact that the away team is playing so poorly will be a better opportunity for Vissel Kobe to take advantage. Thereby they will continue to earn important points for themselves. Yokohama played down a lot when it couldn’t keep up the dense pressing rhythm like at the beginning of the season. Along with that are mistakes in the system that bring unstable results. An advantage for Vissel Kobe when they are still maintaining their sanity and being too solid in play.

In addition, it should be known that Vissel Kobe has only received 2 defeats in 11 matches at home recently. This achievement is enough to make Yokohama really shy when they only won 1 match in the previous 12 away matches. The advantage of the yard and the staff will be an opportunity for Vissel Kobe to play proactively and overwhelm Yokohama. Most likely will continue to win 3 points in this match.

Select: Vissel Kobe FT.


The European handicap this time is the advantage for Vissel Kobe against Yokohama. The series of sublime rounds is giving Vissel Kobe great confidence. And they can completely aim for an active game against Yokohama. Most likely, with these advantages and bravery, Vissel Kobe will be the team to win all 3 points in the upcoming match.

Select: Vissel Kobe FT.


Vissel Kobe has 4 victories and only lost 1 in 6 previous encounters with Yokohama FC. So the home team completely has a basis to be determined in this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands. The fact that Yokohama FC is under a lot of pressure along with having played a lot will be an advantage that Vissel Kobe can take advantage of and find a beneficial result next for them.

Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama prediction: Vissel Kobe 3-1 Yokohama FT (2-1 H1).

Vissel Kobe vs Yokohama Prediction


Vissel Kobe: H. Iikura, D. Souza Pereira, S. Montana, D. Nishi, L. Osaki, T. Vermaelen, H. Yamaguchi, G. Sakai, D. Matos, A. Iniesta, K. Furuhashi.

Yokohama:  Hakamata, Takagi, Ryo, Furuyado, Nakashio, Inoha, Minami, Iwatake, Ogawa, Takahashi, Watanabe.

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