Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction | J.League | 06/23

Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse prediction: A match is considered an opportunity for both teams to find the necessary points. Thereby improving the current position of the two teams on the table. Will the home advantage help Vegalta Sendai get a good match and keep all 3 points? Or will it be the bravery of the away team’s players Shimizu S-pulse on display and a victory will follow them out in this confrontation?

Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction


  • Match date: 10:00 am on 2021/06/23
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 19th
  • Location: Yurtec Stadium



Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction




Vegalta Sendai currently has 14 points and is ranked 18th on the table, a bad achievement for the home team. Statistics show that Vegalta Sendai has 2 wins, 2 draws and only 1 defeat in the last 5 matches. A performance is considered quite high for the team located in the lower area of ​​​​the table. This helps the home team players gain considerable confidence in the reception in the middle of next week.

Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction

In the remaining front line, Shimizu S-pulse currently has 15 points and is ranked 15th on the rankings. A performance that is not much better than the home team. Statistics show that Shimizu S-pulse only got 1 win, 1 draw and had to receive 3 defeats in the last 5 matches. The lack of competition and the appearance of a lot of mistakes are making Shimizu S-pulse players face a lot of pressure in the upcoming trip away from home.

When both teams have not had good performances in recent times, their choice of a slow and sure way of playing will be the most optimal solution in this match. Creating a reasonable position as well as rotating the ball in the middle of the field will give the players of both teams have more time to learn the opponent. Along with minimizing the unfortunate mistakes that appear. A tight match and few goals appear are just inevitable for a confrontation with such a situation.

Select: Under FT.


The correlation between the forces and the performance of the two teams is easily recognizable. Therefore, any external factor can contribute to turning and determining the outcome of this match. And Vegalta Sendai is the team that has this factor. Which is to play in their holy place, take advantage of this advantage and create a lot of pressure on the away team. Along with that, deploying a solid position and scoring a rare goal of the game from the opponent’s opening. It will help Vegalta Sendai players win in this reception.

Select: Vegalta Sendai FT.


Vegalta Sendai will officially surpass their opponent in this match and rise to 15th place on the table if they get 3 points in this match. And at the same time improving the competitive spirit of the players to help them get better performances in the next difficult matches. Although it is not an easy match, with the advantage of the home field, the opportunity for Vegalta Sendai is really high. Playing focused and make good use of the opponent’s loopholes to organize a quick attack and score a valuable goal. Believe that victory will still belong to the players and home team fans in this confrontation.

Select: Vegalta Sendai FT.


Shimizu S-pulse is having a lot of problems right now. So, 3 points in this match will help them solve a lot of existing difficulties. But with a lack of competition and constant mistakes. Especially rather than being under too much pressure from the away disadvantage. There is really little hope for the away team to win the points in this trip away from home. 

Talking about the home team, although it is a difficult match, but with the home advantage as well as the opponent’s lack of knowledge. They will play hard and create the highest certainty to preserve the advantage. Believe that the final victory will still call the names of Vegalta Sendai players in this arduous encounter.

Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse prediction: Vegalta Sendai 1 – 0 Shimizu S-pulse FT (1-0 H1).

Vegalta Sendai vs Shimizu S-pulse Prediction


Vegalta Sendai: Schmidt, Hyodo, Nagato, Oiwa, Iio, Michibuchi, Lopez, Gi, Tomita, Tokida, Yoshio.

Shimizu S-pulse: Okubo, Matsubara, Tatsura, Takeuchi, Futami, Yoshimoto, Augusto, Nakamura, Nishizawa, Kawai, Douglas.

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