Van der Sar plans for MU to catch up with Liverpool and Man City

The former Dutch player, Van der Sar believes that Man Utd is on the right track under coach Ole Solskjaer, but still needs 2-3 quality rookies to compete for the championship.

Man Utd’s honeymoon under Solskjaer has been wonderful.

Share with CNN, the former “Reds” goalkeeper, Van der Sar said: “Man Utd’s honeymoon under Solskjaer has been wonderful. They have gone through many difficulties but in the last 8-9 weeks, MU played ball much more progressive “.

“They get more points, as well as good results against big teams. Of course, with Man Utd, I hope the Premier League will continue to let them qualify for the Champions League. If the whole team focus on the season. next season, with 2-3 additions, Man Utd will return to compete with Liverpool and Man City, “Van der Sar added.

Van der Sar plans for MU to catch up with Liverpool and Man City
Bruno Fernandes did not take much time to create a positive influence at Old Trafford. 

Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired at the end of the 2012/13 season, Man Utd has never been crowned Premier League champion. David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho failed at Old Trafford. Only when Ole Solskjaer came to power, did he bring positive signs to the “Red Devils”.

Asked what was the secret to helping MU win the Premier League again, Van der Sar replied: “It is consistent in the winning mentality of the whole team. Perhaps they should solve the problem of Paul Pogba, “I am sure with De Gea, Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford or Anthony Martial, MU  has a good squad, in the middle.”

“Besides, they also have many young players growing. This is considered the identity of the club. These are positive signs for MU  next season,” said the former Dutch player.

Bruno and Odion Ighalo have more or less brought positive effects to the Old Trafford team. Before the tournaments were postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Solkjaer’s teachers and coaches were ranked fifth in the rankings with 45 points, 3 points behind Chelsea’s team. The goal of Man Utd is to wait for the Premier League to return and finish the season in the best position with the Champions League ticket next season.

Lampard will become the top coach in the world

The main coach Antonio Conte must also be impressed with the achievement that Frank Lampard created in a short time at Stamford Bridge. And he believes that this young coach will reach the world.

Chelsea turned to Frank Lampard to replace Maurizio Sarri earlier this season. Sarri helped them win the Europa League and secured a third place in the Premier League before deciding to return home to lead Juventus.

Putting Lampard on the hot seat is a risky decision as the top scorer in this club has no experience in leading a Premier League club. The meager capital Frank Lampard has in his belt is a season in charge of the First Division, where Derby County lost the chance to win the Premier League when losing in the final of the money (between the 3rd to 3rd team team). 6 championships).

The eyebrows raised, followed the young coach’s hand, waiting to see an inevitable fall of a legend. But people went from surprise to surprise when watching Frank Lampard Chelsea play mature and spectacular in attacking football. Regardless of which Chelsea then faced two seasons were banned from transfer. The academy’s decision to trust the players has seen many young players shine this season.

Frank Lampard

Chelsea not only played well but also played better than expected while on the road to securing a Champions League position and competing for domestic victory.

Another impressive thing is that when the transfer ban was lifted, Lampard did not even recruit players when the January market opened.

And Antonio Conte, who won the Premier League and FA Cup victories in the two seasons he held at Stamford Bridge, believes the club has found the right leader.

 “I think he’s doing a good job, Frank. This is his second experience after Derby County so being a top team coach is not easy.

I think he has the skills and the ability to become one of the best military leaders in the world. He has to keep working this way and I wish him all the best for the future. ”