Usain Bolt: The Rural Boy On Top Of The World

If you are interested in finding the origin of legendary athlete Usain Bolt, prepare yourself for very good health, billions of items for climbing, walking. Because your destination will be an extremely remote, poor village – where Usain Bolt lived a childhood to nurture the will to reach a more civilized world.

Usain Bolt: The Rural Boy On Top Of The World

Money is not enough to find Usain Bolt’s whereabouts

You admire a Brazilian footballer and ready to go into the crime-filled slums of Rio de Janeiro to find the source of the idol? The truth is not too difficult if you have money. Want to see life in the happiest country in the world Bhutan? Not too hard. At least 7 pilots can take the edge down to Bhutan.

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But if you’re interested in learning about the childhood of Usain Bolt, money is not enough. Because to reach the village of Sherwood Content where Bolt was born and raised, it will be an extremely arduous journey. Emptylighthouse is a “pocket” site for backpackers, specializing in making guides to backpackers around the world.

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Usain Bolt's mother, Jennifer Bolt stood outside the house where Bolt grew up
Usain Bolt’s mother, Jennifer Bolt stood outside the house where Bolt grew up

Try this site and search for the keyword “Sherwood Content”, you will find a whole long list of things to prepare to find the origin of Usain Bolt. Imagine simply that Sherwood Content is in a position similar to the super-remote locations of the Northwestern mountains of Vietnam – where even two-wheeled Vietnamese cars have to give up.

To reach the Sherwood Content, people have to walk or know how to master mountain bike drivers, wade streams, and how to deal with poisonous snakes and other wildlife. In short, the difficulty of the trip will help us visualize how Usain Bolt grew up in a remote and needy place.

Bolt is literally a rural boy, spending his entire childhood in the absence of the most basic living conditions. When Bolt was young, the only way to go to any place was … jogging. Running with Bolt is a part of life, not hard work.

Legs are breath

Mr. Maurice Wilson, in fact, Director of the Jamaican Athletics Federation, once said: “The village where Bolt lives are filled with young people with outstanding athletic talents more than anywhere else. Bolt does not necessarily possess a natural talent. Simply because running is part of his life”.

Despite having a childhood of need, Bolt never complained. Bolt’s childhood was filled with laughter. “Bolt is a hyperactive, mischievous and optimistic boy. Bolt grew up innocently and even when he started playing professional athletics, Bolt was actually not aware of what he had”, said Webster Thompson, Bolt’s elementary school teacher.

This is confirmed through the image of Bolt turning back to smile in the middle of the competition. “I believe Bolt can achieve even better. He has not reached his peak yet. If Bolt spent a year just training, not partying, he might be even more terrible, ”added Pablo McNeil, Bolt’s first coach.

But it is the negligence that is what makes Usain Bolt a person – a person who always smiles, recognizes the optimistic and happy life whether standing at the top or not being the focus of attention.

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Bolt has invested $ 3 million for Sherwood Content

The appearance of the Sherwood Content pepper village has completely changed its skin thanks to Usain Bolt‘s $ 3 million. An asphalt road leading to the village has been built, the health center has been completely repaired and an additional bank has been established to support the people. As a tribute to Bolt, every corner of the village has photos or drawings of the celebratory movements of Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt: The Rural Boy On Top Of The World

Seeing strangers is pointing straight to Bolt’s house

Photographer Chad Sparkes recounted that, right from the first locals he met, he actively directed him to Usain Bolt’s house. Sherwood Content villagers said, 90% of visitors to Sherwood Content in recent years are almost always to find Usain Bolt. Thanks to Bolt, now the Sherwood Content village has suddenly become a tourist destination in Jamaica. Pictured is a newly launched service that takes visitors around the Martha Brae River.

Bolt invited to play rugby

Bolt revealed to the Guardian that he had received quite a lot of invitations from the NFL (North American rugby league). These clubs realize that Bolt’s speed will help him to score a lot of points if played on the wings. In the end, Bolt refused because he found that rugby had a lot of bumps, which could affect his body and athletic career.

The ambition of “Lightning” returns

Bolt announced his retirement from two years ago but suddenly shared his desire to return to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games. The athlete nicknamed “Lightning” revealed he had a serious discussion with coach Glen Mills about this. and it is perfectly possible to qualify for the Olympics if you return to training with reasonable intensity. But next year, Usain Bolt will turn 34 and it is difficult to maintain success.

Low-legged and tall-feet still work well

In the recently released autobiography, Usain Bolt shared that he had a disease that caused his spine to bend slightly to the right. So Bolt is left-footed, and his right foot is 1.2cm shorter than his left. But despite that disability, Bolt still trains to become the fastest runner on the planet thanks to extraordinary will and effort.

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