Unique tactics learn from Chinese players from teamfight tactics

Each country will have unique tactics, it seems that the meta of teamfight tactics of the Chinese people is very different from the world. Here are the unique tactics that players should learn from Chinese gamers.

The top players of the billion-dollar country are fighting extremely fiercely for the next 3 tickets to the final
The top players of the billion-dollar country are fighting extremely fiercely for the next 3 tickets to the final


That is the first unique tactics from China players, Players don’t always have a perfect start, strong pieces just popped up and equipment dropped just too much. In a lot of matches, you have a situation where the pieces appear very bad and the team is extremely weak, if you keep your money and wait for a miracle, your health will drop without braking and can die early. Even if you are lucky enough to survive, it is very difficult to reach the top because your blood has lost so much before.

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The Chinese players often use gold from early on to upgrade the team to keep the blood and increase the chances of overturning
The Chinese players often use gold from early on to upgrade the team to keep the blood and increase the chances of overturning

Chinese players think of another way to deal with that is to “die” from early levels, usually level 6 or level 7. Of course, you won’t roll all your money right away, but you need to use it. it’s to upgrade your squad to be strong enough. If you play Sword Away team, rotate a bit to get 2-star Master Yi, if you play Witch, the target is 2-star Syndra. 

Many people may disagree with this Unique tactics, but its strength is to help gamers keep blood extremely well. It may be possible to lose but instead of losing more than 10 health per round, you only lose 3-4 health, you will have the opportunity to interrupt the opponent’s winning streak and force them into a difficult position. The main way of thinking here is to use the money before it is too late until you are near death, it is difficult to turn the money out if you are not lucky enough.


What makes the Chinese players believe in this unique tactics is that the Syndra is a very good damage unit, even at a 1-star level. As long as you have enough equipment, this general can help you overcome difficult situations, even win rounds that seem to be losing. All you need to do is find the Blue buff for Syndra.

Although Syndra is only 1 star, it is enough to pay off
Although Syndra is only 1 star, it is enough to pay off

In addition, the Star Guardian squad is extremely suitable for the early game of unique tactics, just roll the 2-star Syndra, you can live healthy and secure money. When reaching higher levels like 8 or 9, Star Guardians are really a nightmare with extremely large area damage. If you add Janna at the end of the game, you have a good chance of winning the top 1 spot.


These are unique tactics, though not favored in other regions, as the Chinese gamers love to use Urgot at the end of the game, especially when you play Thresh. Even without using Urgot’s clan-type effects, the ability to instantly kill an opponent champion was too powerful. Immediately removing a portion of an opponent’s power was extremely mutated in late-game fights. If you do not know what more pieces and the squad are strong, or have not figured out how to win your opponent, Urgot with his great skill is probably the solution.

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