Underwater Hockey – Have You Tried It?

Underwater hockey is one of the oldest sports in the world. To be able to play this sport, players need good physical strength, excellent swimming ability, can dive deep for as long as possible, and especially if you’re not passionate about hockey, then surely It sure is hard to be an amateur …


History of hockey sport

Hockey is one of the most favorite sports, with interesting antagonism, the two teams will use the sticks to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal without using the collision of any of the above components. the body. This game requires good technical players and excellent observation ability and determination to win the team together.

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According to studies, hokey was played a few decades ago, but the majority of people who played this sport were aristocrats, showing their elegance and for a long time, ordinary people are almost unaware of the presence of this interesting sport. Hockey is played on many different terrains and the most popular and famous is the image of the skater while playing extremely skilled hockey. Ice hockey is played a lot in countries where the climate is cold enough to make the ice thick, flat, wide and safe. And it is this beautiful image of ice hockey that inspired many people and has since spread the sport around the world.


Underwater hockey

Underwater hockey was casually born in an unrelated situation to sports. In 1950, the British Navy often devised a way to practice and play in a manner similar to ice hockey in the water to help divers improve their ability to move and perform missions effectively under the water. In 1954, Underwater hockey (also known as Octopush) was officially considered a sport after Alan Blake founded the first Southsea Sub-Aqua Club in England.

Underwater hockey was then enthusiastically responded to by a harmonious combination of the skills of swimming and diving, while a form of mixed play between ice hockey and basketball. Both men and women can participate in this subject, just need to have good endurance to the challenge of holding your breath for a certain period of time underwater.

In order to play water hockey, an athlete needs to be a good swimmer, able to dive deep and keep a good breath for as long as possible, so besides competing against the goal. This is a swimming match with deep dive and long dive. Anyone who has the ability to dive longer can bring victory to their team.


Water hockey uses a ball with normal size, round and flat but it is important that it has enough weight to sink to the bottom. Usually, the ball to play in this interesting match weighs between 1.3 and 1.5kg.

Hockey sticks for playing underwater

Each member of the match may use a hockey stick about 30cm long, not too long for the athlete to move easily and use a stick to hit the opponent’s net. In addition to swimming, athletes participating in the match must learn accurate underwater polishing skills, because water can obstruct the path of the bridge, and the bridge is quite heavy, requiring athletes. Must be in good health to be able to fight.

Equipment for athletes

Each athlete participating in the match will be equipped with propellers, swimwear, bats, masks, gloves made from rubber. And to distinguish underwater, each team will be equipped with tools of the same color

Specification of swimming pool for water hockey hockey

The surface of the lake is used to organize an underwater hockey game with a depth of 2-4m and a flat lake bed to ensure the bridge can move in the direction of the polish. Usually, the lake size must reach 25x12m. The goal of each team is made of metal that looks like a tray and each team has to make it put the ball into the opponent’s tray as much as possible.



There are 10 athletes in each team participates in water hockey, of which 6 players compete and the remaining 4 will be in reserve. This sport does not distinguish between men and women, as long as you have good health, you can play it.

The order to start the game begins with the whistle and then the players of both teams will rush into the lake, dive and start to serve the centerline of the lake. An underwater hockey game is extremely attractive to the participants as well as the spectators watching the match, the athletes will show great swimming ability, extremely serve spectacular. Whether winning or losing, all have to climb up, the winning team is definitely up to congratulate each other, the losing team is … emerging to breathe.
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