Ultimate Tennis Showdown available next month, not ATP and WTA

While two professional tennis systems for men and women – ATP Tour & WTA Tour – still cannot determine the exact date of the return in the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic like this, even in the preliminary plan, ATP The tour will resume next weekend (April 25), while the WTA Tour will restart next weekend (May 2-5), there is another tournament outside the official scheduled system. In the middle of May, it was the Ultimate Tennis Showdown of Coach Patrick Mouratoglou, the teacher of Serena Williams.

Ultimate Tennis Showdown available next month, not ATP and WTA
Coach Mouratoglou and Serena

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown will start next month

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown will start next month, with 10 matches happening every week, and the tournament will last for … 5 weeks. This is a tournament organized by Mouratoglou’s Tennis Academy – Mondiale de Tennis Academy – it appears simply to “fill the empty schedule” of a lot of professional players when ATP Tour and WTA Tour was delayed simultaneously, there was no specific reappearance schedule.

Of course, the Ultimate Tennis Showdown organizers has pledged to comply with the strict requirements of local authorities in spacing individuals to ensure the safety of all players, participants, At the same time, significantly reducing the number of service personnel on the field (ie the number of directors, ball pickers … will be significantly reduced, the tournament will also be closed to the audience. firsthand, which was broadcast live on television).

An operation of the Mondiale de Tennis Academy before the Covid-19 pandemic
An operation of the Mondiale de Tennis Academy before the Covid-19 pandemic

Coach Mouratoglou, the master of Serena Williams for many years, has explained: “The Ultimate Tennis Showdown is simply a replacement for what once existed, but temporarily disappeared. This is a platform tournament created so that a wide range of players can show their great talents, sports spirit and personality on the field. The tournament also provides a new and innovative approach, targeting young tennis players as well as proposing a different way of distributing money among the players. ”

Coach Mouratoglou emphasized further to explain the “other ways of allocating money”: “The Ultimate Tennis Showdown (abbreviated as UTS) has identified itself as the participating players as the center, therefore, the prize The system has a centralized and redistributed system of income for players registered to compete. This chalked-back system, which is especially beneficial for lesser-known players, has a low ranking on the scoreboard. ”

According to the organizers, there will be about 50 matches organized

It is expected that the tournament will be conducted from May 17, May 18, with about 10 matches per week and runs throughout May until June. According to BTC, there will be about 50 matches. organization. Russian-born 20-year-old Australian-born Alexei Popyrin (who is also a diligent student at the Mondiale de Tennis Academy) – will play against Belgian world-class 10th-ranked player David Goffin in the opening match of the tournament. Ultimate Tennis Showdow.

Ultimate Tennis Showdown available next month, not ATP and WTA
Popyrin was one of the players attending UTS

Alexei’s father, Alex Popyrin (co-founder of the UTS), is not afraid to flatter: “Fans, who watch the competition from home TV screens, will feel closer than ever before the pants stars. Racket through the fascinating format of our tournament. Without a doubt, UTS with thrilling solo battles and millions of dollars in prize money, has the potential to become the most exciting tennis tournament in the world. ”

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