Corona Epidemic In Europe: Will UEFA Delay The Champions League?

At the reporting situation of Covid 19, UEFA discussed the situation in which Corona affects European football.

The Corona epidemic escalates in Europe

Corona virus is seriously affecting European football, but Serie A is an example because Italy has the most cases at the moment. But not only the Italian league, but UEFA is also discussing the situation of the Champions League & Europa League organization and the European championship will be held this summer.

The Champions League will continue despite the Corona epidemic

An urgent meeting was organized by UEFA to discuss the Euro because this year the tournament will not be held in a country where many countries co-host, so the risk of virus infection is even greater. UEFA said it will work with governments and the World Health Organization to determine the epidemic situation before making a decision on the Euro, according to media reports. This lasts for just … 2 minutes.

But what about the Champions League and the Europa League, two tournaments not only in progress but also coming back in a short time and will give UEFA not much time to prepare as Euro?

Will UEFA delay the Champions League?

According to L’Equipe (France), the meeting in Amsterdam has determined that UEFA has no intention of postponing two tournaments. Each game in each venue will have its own instructions, but they cannot reschedule because the time is very urgent and the gap between the Euro finals and the Champions League final is only 2 and a half weeks.

UEFA has listened to advice from the special advisors as well as looking at the recent arrangement of the Serie A and came to the decision that the matches in the C1 & Europa League Cup will either have no spectators or move the venue completely. The Serie A is currently on a losing schedule because the Italian Football Federation moved the weekend to May, was rejected by the clubs and then moved to this weekend / early next week. UEFA does not want to be caught in the same hassle.

The Champions League will return next week with Valencia – Atalanta and Leipzig – Tottenham matches next Tuesday night. Valencia – Atalanta match will be especially noticeable because Valencia has many people infected with the virus, while the first leg takes place in Milan, where the epidemic is located

Football schedule of 1/8 round of C1 – UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 latest

Sincerely yours, the readers of the schedule for CUP C1 – UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2019/20.

Schedule for the next round

– Round 1/8: The first round takes place on February 19, 20 to 26, 27, the return on March 11, 12 to 18, 19.

– Quarter-finals: The first leg takes place on April 8 and 9, the second leg takes place on April 15 and 16.

– Semifinals: First leg 29, 30 April, 2nd and 7th May.

– Final: May 31 at Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey

The schedule may be subject to change