UEFA will rescue C1 Cup and Europa League by a mini-tournament?

UEFA is planning to perform a mini-team 4 teams to complete the season for the Champions League (Cup C1) and Europa League.

UEFA has the intention of  “rescue” of the Champions League (Cup C1) and the Europa League with a mini-tournament

After delaying matches in the Champions League (Cup C1) and Europa League, UEFA leaders will hold remote meetings next Tuesday to continue their plans to deal with COVID-19.

One of the key decisions that UEFA plans to make is to postpone Euro 2020 until 2021. That will help the European championships end in June and July if the disease situation improves to football. works again.

champions League (Cup C1)

UEFA is looking for solutions for the Champions League and Europa League

Hoping next season can go as planned, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is ready to give the green light a plan to find a new way to identify champions this season.

UEFA expects the remaining matches of the 1/8 round to be played as normal. Eight teams are then drawn into four pairs to play one match at a time, with the first ranked team having the advantage of playing at home or neutral.

Its results put the teams into a mini-tournament. Specifically, four semi-finals of the Champions League (Cup C1) will go to Istanbul, while four semi-finals of the Europa League to the city that will host the final will be Gdansk.

Both tournaments are held for 4 days, with 2 semi-finals and one final taking place between the 2 winning teams.

UEFA expects broadcasters to adopt this idea while also creating room for domestic league matches to complete the season.

Covid-19: UEFA will choose the teams to continue in the Champions League by drawing?

On Tuesday, the European Football Confederation will meet the possibility of conducting major tournaments such as the Champions League (Cup C1) or Europa League in just four days of competition in a defined city with a formula of four teams. compete, and one of the options is to draw lots to select the team to advance to the quarterfinals.

champions League (Cup C1)

The shocking plan is part of a plan that will be introduced by Giorgio Marchetti, UEFA Secretary-General in a special meeting with 55 UEFA members through an online meeting, according to Spanish daily AS.

UEFA will discuss this possibility next week when the Covid 19 epidemic is spreading and complicated in Europe, especially in Italy and Spain, with a scenario or can be considered as a temporary improvement step. time to end the season in Europe’s top leagues, the plan is to shorten the tournament by the Final Four formula, that is, taking four teams to the semi-finals will compete for the championship in two semi-final semi-finals. Go and turn and a final.

Three Champions League (Cup C1) matches will be held in the city of Istanbul, the venue for the final match was determined on May 30 earlier. While the 3 matches of the Europa League are only 4 teams and three matches take place in the city of Gdansk in Poland.

The Final Four formula will be voted on Tuesday at a special meeting of 55 members of the European Football Federation. Mr. Giorgio Marchetti, General Secretary of UEFA is the one who will introduce this plan, and this is considered to be the most likely plan in a difficult situation due to stressful epidemics as at present.

After being criticized for being too late in postponing tournaments in the former continent, UEFA is ready to correct these mistakes by requesting that the matches take place last week in an uninhabited field. and postpone all matches next week. The first goal of UEFA is to have the second leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid, and Barcelona against Napoli take place as planned in a neutral pitch, or another option to choose a team to go on by drawing, But this seems like an impossible option.

If the quarterfinals are resolved, the Final Four formula will be selected and focused on the semi-finals and finals in the Champions League (Cup C1) and Europa League, taking place within 4 days, with the schedule pushed up more quickly and requiring championships across the former continent to end as planned. But this plan needs the approval of FIFA, as it has an impact on the schedule of the FIFA Club World Cup. https://thenewssports.net/