UEFA: Waiting For MU-Arsenal Saves Honor In The Second Division

The British success cycle in the UEFA Champions League is likely to stop soon. The reason is that three-quarters of their representatives in the eighth round lost in the first leg.

In the previous UEFA season, the British proclaimed throughout Europe. At that time, all 4 Premier League representatives passed the 1/8 round to participate in the Champions League quarter-finals, and 2 of them created the final of the whole of England, Liverpool and Tottenham. It is an achievement that must be repeated after 10 years.

Defending champion Liverpool lost to Atletico

But even more impressive, the British civil war between Chelsea and Arsenal also occurred in the Europa League. According to historical records, it was the first time that both European Cup finals became English internal battles.

Many people think that football in the foggy country has officially returned to the golden age. They thrive thanks to the competitiveness of the big clubs, investing in modern equipment, applying advanced scientific training methods and constantly improving the squad after each football season.

The thought of the English cycle of success in the UEFA Champions League this season will repeat, especially when all have witnessed Liverpool’s superior strength and the momentum of Tottenham and Man City.

But things are now extremely difficult. Currently, three-quarters of the UEFA Premier League representatives have lost the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Not even a team can score a goal. Defending champion Liverpool lost 0-1 at Atletico. Tottenham lost the same score against RB Leipzig right at home. The tragedy is Chelsea after leading 0-3 under the unparalleled power of “Gray Lobster” Bayern Munich and most likely eliminated.

Chelsea failed

Commenting on BT Sport, English football legend Gary Lineker spoke up. “12 months ago, we talked about the dominance of English football in Europe. However, the situation is completely different now. All teams are under great pressure and no team can score goals.”

At the moment, only Man City representative is not playing in the UEFA Champions League. But before a Real Madrid is considered the “king” in this arena and also played at the Bernabeu, it is hard for the British to believe in a beneficial result.

UEFA: Looking forward to MU – Arsenal

If things are gradually going into extremes in the UEFA Champions League arena, fans in the land of the fog may temporarily put their faith in the representatives who are playing in the UEFA Europa League. Among these MU, Arsenal or Wolves are still fighting.

With a 1-1 draw in front of Club Brugge away, this result is beneficial for MU in the second leg when a draw of 0-0 or a minimum victory of 0-1 is enough to go forward.

Meanwhile, Arsenal with the shine of Lacazette in the match against Olympiakos put a foot in the round of 16 teams when taking a huge advantage in the second leg at the Emirates Stadium.

As you can see, English football has a lot of future in Europe’s second-tier playing field. In case the big teams fail in the C1 arena, MU, Arsenal are still there to save honor.
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