UEFA strange plan: C1 Cup weekend kick-off and Premier League?

According to the Mirror, the European Football Federation (UEFA) is considering a plan to organize the Premier League 2020, Champions League 2020 (Cup C1) preliminary round, Europa League 2020/21 at the weekend, which is the same schedule of the league.

Euro 2020 into Euro 2021 

In an online meeting on the evening of March 17, the European Football Association (UEFA) agreed to postpone the Euro schedule to 2021. This is the necessary action to ensure the league “old continent” does not. was delayed longer because of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, and did not affect the start of next season.

Premier League 2020
UEFA takes into account the preliminary round of the Champions League, Europa League 2020/21 at the weekend, coinciding with the league schedule like the Premier League 2020

According to the Daily Mail, UEFA suggested the league continues to take place and finish at the latest on June 30 because of related advertising contracts, television rights, transfer market. Of course, everything depends on the next evolution of the Corona Virus (Covid-19).

An important issue that has not been addressed by this authority in the first meeting is the plan to host the Champions League 2020 (Cup C1) and the Europa League. The 2 top European leagues have yet to come back. Earlier, the press reported that UEFA planned to change the Champions League 2020 (Cup C1) final scheduled from May 30 to June 27, 2020. Similarly, the Europa League will shift the time for the final from May 27 to June 24.

UEFA’s plan: Premier League

According to the Mirror, in case the plan is broken and the 2019/20 season is longer, UEFA even takes into account the plan to organize the Champions League 2020 (Cup C1) qualifying round, Europa League 2020/21 at the weekend, which coincides with the time of the Premier League 2020, Serie A or La Liga takes place!

Premier League 2020
Which scenario is the best for the Premier League 2020 and other tournaments end the season?

Previously, UEFA did not allow European Cup matches to clash schedules with the league, but the leaders had to be flexible based on the actual situation. The prospect of a number of matches in the league being rescheduled in the middle of the week can happen, because the clubs can not “split” European Cup and a domestic cup in the same day if you want to achieve good results.

According to the Daily Mail, the Premier League 2020 will probably play the remaining matches (92 matches) on neutral ground with no audience, but still broadcast live, and tournament organizers are planning to put those matches back to the Midlands, Central England. The area is temporarily not threatened by Corona Virus (Covid-19), which currently has two Premier League clubs, Aston Villa and Wolves.

Premier League

Tomorrow (March 19), the Premier League organizers will meet to discuss the plan to continue the 2019/20 season. Even if 14/20 teams agree to cancel the result, the season will end without any team winning or relegating. However, according to a recent statement, the Premier League 2020 organizers will do everything to be able to finish the season completely, and do not want to have to cancel the tournament.

On March 17, UEFA conducted a video meeting with 55 member national football federations and other football associations. The chairman Aleksander Ceferin personally chaired this important meeting in Amsterdam (Netherlands). This video meeting will have 3 times of video calling, and all meeting participants will conduct the online meeting.

In the past time, European football was completely paralyzed. Over the weekend, a few matches in the French league (Ligue 1) are still scheduled. However, the rest of Europe’s top five leagues, the Premier League 2020, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga, have decided to pause until the end of March. https://thenewssports.net/