UEFA Plans If The Football 2019/20 Season Is Canceled

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has launched a plan on the fate of the football 2019/20 season of the Premier League and other leagues.

UEFA plans if the football 2019/20 season is canceled, does MU have a place in the Champions League?

On April 23, the European Football Federation (UEFA) held a meeting to propose a plan to end the football 2019/20 season in the context of the complicated pandemic. Accordingly, the authority of the “old continent” football village still wants the league to be completed by the end of August.

UEFA Plans If The Football 2019/20 Season Is Canceled
If the Premier League is canceled, the champions and European Cup places can be determined through a one-match playoff.

However, in the worst case, the European leagues (including the Premier League, Serie A or La Liga) cannot be finished on time and must be canceled, UEFA still encourages the member football federation to identify the champions, To the European Cup or relegation.

The statement said the leagues should be played again with a new form of competition so that clubs that qualify for the European Championship would still be able to qualify for the European Cup.

According to the Daily Mail, this announcement means the Premier League can determine important rankings by holding a play-off kick in a match (no turn – return) if the remaining rounds can not end. on time. Thus, the top 4 teams such as MU, Sheffield United still hope to participate in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, a source from The Times (UK) said that one more plan is considered to determine the final ranking by the ratio of points per game (points/match). Based on these criteria, the first 5 ranks of the Premier League have not changed. Liverpool (82 points / 29 matches), Man City (57 points / 28 matches), Leicester City (53 points / 29 matches) and Chelsea (48 points / 29 matches) are also representatives of “foggy country” for Champions League 2020/21.

MU, ranked 5th (45 points / 29 matches) can only attend the Europa League. Bournemouth, Norwich and Aston Villa – the bottom three teams will be relegated.

Another option is given based on the point/match ratio. Accordingly, MU can only attend the Europa League
Another option is given based on the point/match ratio. Accordingly, MU can only attend the Europa League

The change only took place in the middle of the table, when the seventh-ranked team Sheffield surpassed the sixth-ranked team Wolverhampton to win the second ticket to the Europa League. The football 2019/20 season is that Sheffield is equal to Wolves (43 points) but plays less than 1 match (28 matches).

The remaining Europa League spot is for the FA Cup champion. Currently, the oldest tournament in the world has not ended and the case is canceled, Wolves – as the closest team in the top 6 will win “salvage tickets”.

Arsenal (40 points / 28 matches) also surpassed Tottenham (41 points / 29 matches) to occupy the 8th position. Of course, the two representatives of London could not attend the European Cup next season.

When will the Premier League kick back the end of the season?

The Sun reported that coaches across England in general and in the Premier League, in particular, have started contacting their players to announce the time to return to training, on May 9. The owners of the Premier League clubs still agree that football 2019/20 season only comes back when “really safe”. Currently, the expected time to lift the social restraint order on the foggy island nation is being considered as of May 7.

UEFA Plans If The Football 2019/20 Season Is Canceled
Premier League clubs are about to return to practice

The English Premier League was suspended indefinitely when the pandemic hit the misty island nation. However, with the peak of the epidemic passing, the English Premier League is waiting for the government to lift the order to socialize.

A source close to The Sun said: “The players are being informed that mid-June is the best time to return to football. And around mid-May is a good time to start exercising again. ”

The Times reported that matches will almost certainly take place behind closed doors and can only be seen on TV. And to ensure the season ends with plenty of time to prepare for the next campaign, there have been suggestions that Wembley Stadium can be used for teams to compete at a more regular rate, having up to 4 matches a day and will be organized “like a television event”.

The British government also wants the remaining matches in the Premier League this season to be broadcast for free. This will keep the fans at home, instead of gathering inside or outside the stadium. Sky Sport and BT Sport have confirmed that they will broadcast live all the remaining 92 matches of the tournament.

Premier League clubs are committed to ending the season on July 31, enabling Champions League and Europa League matches to take place in August. Back about a month, to mid-September.

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