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UEFA Nations League prediction about the teams’ current performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match.

Moldova vs Kosovo – UEFA Nations League prediction

UEFA Nations League

Marching to Sweden in a friendly match at the beginning of the year was an overwhelming match for Moldova, although they tried their best, they still had to leave with a 0-1 defeat against their opponent. The performance of Semen Altman’s teachers and coaches in the Euro 2020 qualifying rounds is also not very good when only winning 1 and losing 9, as a result, Moldova left the tournament with the bottom of Group H.

Similar to their opponents, Kosovo also chose Sweden as their opponent in their most recent friendly match and the results were no different when they dried their shirt away at 0-1. However, the performance of coach Bernard Challande and his students in the Euro qualifying framework was much better with the final third place in Group A with 11 points after 8 matches.

The results of the two teams in the tournament last season were also quite different when Kosovo reached the top position in group 3, and Moldova finished in third place in group 2. If that is more than enough to see that the level gap between the two teams is still there and that Kosovo is still more likely to win.

These are both very young teams in Europe, so they can not have specific achievements in the big arenas, only being ranked C in the UEFA Nations League this season also makes them not. is overrated. However, Kosovo’s performance is much more impressive and that is also the basis for them to have their first win.

Bulgaria vs Ireland

UEFA Nations League

Bulgaria has had a friendly match with a much less underrated team, Belarus, but despite being played at home, coach and coach Georgi Dermendzhiev had a relatively bad performance and had to lose 0- first. Before that, the country team failed in the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign when it finished fourth in Group A.

After having a 1-1 draw against Denmark in the Euro 2020 qualifying final match, the Republic of Ireland still has the hope to reach Europe’s national team’s No. 1 arena while there is still a play-off round. in front of. The team’s recent performance under the guidance of coach Michael McCarthy is also relatively good with 2 wins, 2 draws, and 1 defeat in 5 matches.

These are the two teams that still have the opportunity to participate in the Euro 2020 final round when they are named in the play-off round for the last two tickets. However, Ireland’s performance was significantly better than Bulgaria throughout qualifying, so it is likely that they will continue to bring that confidence to their first UEFA Nations League match this time.

Having the advantage of the field, but Bulgaria is not appreciated when the match in this match is only at the ball. That is completely valid when teachers and coaches Georgi Dermendzhiev only won 1 and lost 4 of the last 5 visits, so the Irish Republic will bring more confidence in this matchup.

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