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Lithuania vs Kazakhstan – UEFA matches prediction

UEFA matches prediction

Despite having the advantage at home, but with poor strength and performance, it is difficult for Lithuania to score against Kazakhstan.

To the Nations League qualifying group D, Lithuania was underestimated in Group D with the participation of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Albania. This is completely understandable when this team was last on the standings in the last Euro 2020 qualifiers with only 1 point after 8 rounds. They have only 1 draw against their opponents Luxembourg at home.

Previously, in the Nations League qualifying group C in 2018/19, Lithuania was also disappointed with 6 defeats. That makes this team play in League D this time to compete for their C-class return ticket.

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan made a pretty good impression in the last Euro 2020 qualifiers. Despite standing at the bottom of the rankings, they also earned 10 points like Cyprus and 5 points behind the 3rd ranked Scotland team. They also defeated Scotland 1-0 or held Cyprus.

In the Nations League group D last period, Kazakhstan finished second after 6 matches with a record of 1 win, 3 draws, and 2 losses against the top team Georgia. Therefore, if they continue to show their progress, they will be a good candidate for the promotion ticket to League C in this group.

The attackers of Lithuania did not play so badly at home when they opened fire in the last 6/8 matches. However, every defense match is conceded, causing 5/8 Tai explosions. Meanwhile, as the UEFA matches prediction, the last 7/10 matches in Kazakhstan’s Euro 2020 qualifiers ended with more than 2.5 goals. With these statistics, fans can fully admire a spectacular match between the two teams today.

Slovenia vs Greece

UEFA matches prediction

Slovenia has just experienced the blurred year of 2019 when he could not win tickets to the Euro 2021 finals, despite being in the easy group.

Specifically, they only got 4 wins, drew 2 and got 4 defeats, and then ranked 4th in Group G, behind Poland, Austria, and Macedonia. Injustice is a difficult result to swallow for Slovenian fans.

Back in 2020, after months of delays caused by the Covid-19 flu, Slovenia had its first game of the year hosting Greece in the opening match of the UEFA Nations League 2020/21.

For coach M. Kek and the team, this is a very good opportunity for them to find a victory, thereby clearing the sadness of the fan after the Euro qualifying campaign.

Again, Slovenia is an impressive team when playing at home. In all competitions, they just won 3, drew 3, and lost only 1 in the last 7 home matches.

As UEFA matches prediction, if opponents have the highest confidence when playing at home, Greece is showing that they are a weak team in away matches.

Specifically, Greece just lost 3, drew 1, and won exactly 1 match on the field of Armenia in the last 5 away matches. 

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