UEFA Loosened “Iron Hand”, MC Escapes The Ban To Attend The C1?

UEFA has the first Thai teams to help the teams reduce difficulties during the worldwide pandemic but MC does not enjoy this benefit.

UEFA loosened “iron hand”, MC has escaped the ban to attend the Champions League?

European football is in the most gloomy days by the acute pneumonia virus. Every tournament has been postponed and many clubs are starting to fall into a financial crisis due to a long outage. Many players may get a pay cut, including superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the seasonal employees of many teams have to take unpaid leave, but the debt problem has begun to appear.

UEFA will relax its Financial Fairness Act by the epidemic
UEFA will relax its Financial Fairness Act by the epidemic

According to the Daily Mail, the European football federation (UEFA) already knows the situation and is preparing to take measures to loosen “iron fist” as the Law of financial justice to make teams “easier to breathe”. A statement was issued stating:

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“A new option may be predicted for the Champions League and the Financial Equity Law. Under this plan, any extraordinary event or situation that occurs beyond the ability of the club is considered an event of force majeure. and will be considered The Financial Fair Law only allows clubs to lose £ 27 million over three seasons and no financial intervention from the owners is allowed.

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However, European football is being suspended so many clubs cannot receive sponsorships or television rights, so this rule is difficult to follow. Therefore, UEFA will consider no case to be banned from competing in European tournaments due to financial problems caused by the acute pneumonia virus. This is the first measure to deal with the unusual situation in Europe now. “

The extended season than expected is detrimental to MC
The extended season than expected is detrimental to MC

This message is the necessary reassuring move of UEFA and delivered at the right time. However, according to the writer Rob Draper of Daily Mail, MC does not enjoy this privilege because they are fined by UEFA for violating the Financial Fair law from 2012 to 2016. Thus, “The Citizens” will meet difficult if you want to spend “tons” in the next season.

Another noteworthy point is that MC is likely to not attend the Champions League next season due to the pandemic. The 2019/20 season is likely to last until the end of June which means the new season will start slower. Therefore, the hope of delay thanks to the appeal submitted to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) is almost cloudy.

A source from the Daily Mail said that CAS is still working hard on the case and will draw a conclusion soon. If a pandemic hearing cannot be held, an “online” hearing will be scheduled.

In the event the case ends before the start of the new Champions League season, MC will have to impose a penalty immediately. That means the fifth-placed team of the Premier League will be replaced by the Etihad team at the most prestigious playground in the old continent.
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