UEFA Has A Plan To Choose The Champion Team, Attend The C1 Cup

UEFA Vice President, Michele Uva has revealed a new plan for the leagues’ champion team

UEFA has a plan to choose the champion team, attend the C1 cup: Liverpool, MU wait for a verdict

Recently, AS – a prestigious sports newspaper in Spain, said UEFA Vice President Michele Uva has just confirmed that the deadline for the end of the 2019/20 season of European football will not be limited.

This is very surprising and completely contrary to the previous decision of UEFA with representatives of 55 member football federations in Europe at an online meeting not long ago when requesting the league in the old continent. This season ends no later than the June 30 deadline.

UEFA Has A Plan To Choose The Champion Team, Attend The C1 Cup
UEFA Vice President Michele Uva revealed the shocking plan with the champion team the league titles this season and the European Cup qualification next season.

The reason for this “180-degree turn” decision from UEFA is because the most powerful authority of the old continental football feels the negative influence and the still-complicated development of pandemic around Europe and the world.

Uva – “right hand” of UEFA President Aleksandre Severin also made a shocking disclosure when he said: “Every football federation members of UEFA have the freedom and initiative to decide on the national champion team, and therefore the choice of a return date for UEFA to review and decide, and the Football Confederations also have the right to decide on their own national champions, teams that win tickets to the European Cup (C1 Cup, Europa League) and relegation spots. “

But at the same time, Mr. Uva also said: “UEFA will set a deadline by which the Football Association members must give a list of teams eligible for the next European Cup”.

So, that means, in the case of the 2019/20 season stopping at the present time, the English Football Association (FA) is likely to give the English Premier League title this year to the top team Liverpool, and MU – the team ranked 5th in this tournament will not participate in the C1 Cup.

Liverpool congratulated silently, and MU was probably worried about UEFA's plan
Liverpool congratulated silently, and MU was probably worried about UEFA’s plan

The case of Man City will be the most troublesome when they are banned from UEFA European Cup for 2 consecutive seasons 2020/21 and 2021/22. However, Pep Guardiola’s team is second in the English Premier League and it is difficult to bounce off the top 4 if this season continues and ends after the epidemic ends.

Man City has also filed an appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) and the agency has not yet made a decision to support or reject the validity of the sentence from UEFA with the Etihad team due to violations of the Fair Law Finance.

Like Liverpool in the English Premier League, Barcelona in La Liga, Juventus in Serie A, Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and PSG in Ligue 1 also seems to be “supported” by UEFA to award the champion team early in the league. Lead the rankings in the event that this season must end soon.

Last week, in an interview with the AS, Spanish Football Federation President (RFEF) – Luis Rubiales said his priority was still the end of the 2019/20 season despite the fact that every day would be equal. La Liga matches are scattered and do not exclude that this season will last until September, encroaching on the expected start of the next season.

However, this idea of ​​Mr. Rubiales was rejected by UEFA Vice President Michele Uva when speaking on her home channel Mediaset Italia: “UEFA has 55 member federations and each federation has demand and reality different.

Therefore, they will be free to consider how their season will end. But UEFA will schedule dates so they have to provide us with a list of teams that will be participating in next year’s European Cups. “

UEFA has not yet announced the time to make up for the remaining matches of the 1/8 C1 Cup and Europa League, but they are still expected to hold the draw for the quarterfinals of these two tournaments on August 27 in Principality of Monaco. Before that, the organization still wants to start organizing the C1 Cup and Europa League preliminary matches next season in July this year.
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