UEFA Finds A Solution To Save The EURO 2020 Finals

According to the British Telegraph, the European Football Federation (UEFA) is considering a plan to organize the UEFA EURO 2020 finals in December 2020. This is because the tournament may not be scheduled in the summer due to the global pandemic spreading across the former continent.

UEFA finds a solution to save the EURO 2020 finals: EURO 2020 can kick in … Winter

The global pandemic is making the whole of European society and sport in general, football, in particular, is no exception. A series of European countries must declare a state of emergency and even blockade the whole country. Many top national championships in Europe, such as La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League and the most prestigious Champions League, have also been postponed. If the epidemic continues for a long time (which is almost certainly going to last), the EURO 2020 finals – the historic tournament expected to take place in 12 countries and start on June 12 this year – also Can’t start on time.

To find a way to rescue the UEFA EURO 2020, the European Football Federation (UEFA) will hold an online meeting with representatives of 55 member federations and the World Professional Player Association (FIFPro) on Tuesday. According to the Telegraph’s exclusive belief, UEFA officials are currently considering two possibilities for organizing a European football festival: One is moving back to 2021 and the other is the tournament that will take place in December this year to the championships. The country can postpone the end of the 2019/20 season to mid or late this summer.

Organizing in the winter is a new solution to help organizers have more options after the plan to postpone EURO 2020 to 2021 also faces many obstacles, of which the most significant is that it will make the competition plan. tournaments in the FIFA system are also affected.

The prestigious EURO 2020 trophy can only be awarded to deserved teams this winter
The prestigious EURO 2020 trophy can only be awarded to deserved teams this winter

Of course, postponing EURO 2020 to December also leads to significant disturbances in the schedule of the national championships, causing the 2020/21 football season to be interrupted for a long time. Moreover, this option also contains a risk that is unlikely, until December this year the worldwide epidemic was controlled.

But in the context of almost certainly, EURO 2020 will not be able to happen on time, European soccer players are forced to make a choice, do not postpone EURO to next year, they must organize at the end of this year. Which option receives more approval from the UEFA Executive Committee and representatives of the federations as well as FIFPro representatives in the coming Tuesday meeting will become the last option.

So, just over 24 more hours, we will know, the EURO 2020 finals will be held at the time.

Do you know? EURO 2020 finals are expected to take place in 12 European countries, with 12 host cities as Sofia (Bulgaria), Minsk (Belarus), Copenhagen (Denmark), Dublin (CH Ireland), London (England), Bucharest (Romania), Rome (Italy), Munich (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Jerusalem (Israel), Skopje (Macedonia), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Baku (Azerbaijan), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Glasgow (Scotland) ) Stockholm (Sweden) and Cardiff (Wales). In particular, Rome will be the venue for the opening match between host Italy and Turkey on June 12, 2020 while London will organize semi-finals and finals.

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