Hot Spot For The First Round Of 1/8 UEFA Cup C1

Up to 4 teams have ever been in danger of being eliminated after the first round of 1/8 UEFA Cup, from Liverpool & Real Madrid to Juventus & Chelsea.

Liverpool, Real, Juventus, PSG are in danger

The first round of 1/8 UEFA Cup Champions League has ended and the current champions and 3 former kings (Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea) are in danger of being eliminated from this round. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the series of 8 first leg was the loss of Juventus last night against Lyon.

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Tousart’s goal for Lyon could make Juventus disillusioned in the Champions League early

Juve did not hit the target once and lost to one of the worst coaches in the history of the UEFA Cup Champions League, Rudi Garcia after more than 20 games in the Champions League for the first time winning. Lyon dominated Juve in the first 45 minutes because Juve had a very poor midfield and slow ball movement which made the attack hungry.

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When coach Sarri replaced the new situation, Bernardeschi and especially Higuain made “Old Lady” more dangerous but too late. Juventus can rely on the trio to attack Ronaldo – Dybala – Higuain but in the UEFA Cup Champions League even Ronaldo does not always shine, especially if the team is not working.

An animal is cornered, the city is in danger of being led and the future of the UEFA Cup Champions League has risen strongly. Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane are well-prepared for this match and are both aimed at each other’s two midfielders (Rodri & Casemiro), but the disadvantage of Man City is that the strikers do not put pressure on the Real defense.

De Bruyne created a mutation in the upstream of City against Real Madrid

Real eventually opened the scoring thanks to Isco, but the moment Raheem Sterling came into the game was turned upside down, the Real defense had to recede, leaving the space open for De Bruyne and the Belgian midfielder to spark a reverse. excellent lines. Not only did Real lose Ramos because of the red card for the return leg in Manchester.

Erling Haaland was the focus of Dortmund’s 2-1 victory over Germany, but the defeat of Paris Saint-Germain showed a downfall from the pressure of this team right from the preparation stage. Thomas Tuchel unexpectedly dropped a 4-4-2 to play with an unused squad for more than 2 months, replaced the pitch with just one person and left Cavani & Icardi on the bench, using Mbappe in the plugged position. Although not a knack and let Neymar rest for too long, his fitness does not peak.

The pressure seemed to make PSG wrong in the preparation stage, they were too comfortable in Ligue 1 but still not stable enough in the UEFA Cup Champions League arena. However, the opportunity is still for PSG because of an away goal from Neymar.

Unpredictable the second leg

Atletico Madrid was the former runner-up of the UEFA Cup C1, so they beat Liverpool 1-0 in the first leg without a surprise, it was a match where the script went exactly as Diego Simeone wanted: Goals early, conditional retreating to the defense, the Liverpool strikers are not good or in poor shape, the reserves do not create mutations. However, the return at Anfield promises to be full of “thunderstorms” and wait and see what Atletico will do.

Liverpool also came back at Anfield to turn the tide against Atletico

It was only 0-1 but with Tottenham, it was at home against Leipzig and in the second leg, the prospect was not very bright. Without many important strikers, Spurs played like a chicken with Mourinho’s long ball, and they did not have Fernando Llorente to play that card as the famous upstream against Ajax last season.

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Barca has the advantage of an away goal in Napoli but the second leg will not be easy for them. Napoli defended very well with only the mistake of catching offside of Mario Rui leading to the goal, while Barca lost both Arturo Vidal and Sergio Busquets for the second leg and the force of decline due to poor “planning” caused the prospect of they are not too bright.

But Bayern Munich and Atalanta both brightened the door when they won by 3 goals after the first leg. Strongly losing Chelsea may be a shocking ratio, but this is a young generation Chelsea and the inexperience is clearly revealed. Atalanta, meanwhile, is the best-attacking team in Serie A and even Valencia scored 1 goal in San Siro, the Italian team was still capable of “firing” a few more goals at Mestalla.

Results of the first round of 1/8 UEFA Cup Champions League
Atletico Madrid 1-0 Liverpool
Dortmund 2-1 PSG
Tottenham 0-1 Leipzig
Atalanta 4-1 Valencia
Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich
Napoli 1-1 Barcelona
Lyon 1-0 Juventus
Real Madrid 1-2 Man City