Soccer Results UEFA Cup C1, Lyon – Juventus: Unexpected Results

(Lyon-Juventus football results, the first leg of the 1/8 round of the UEFA Cup – Champions League) Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates went through a very difficult match in France.

With the duo Ronaldo – Dybala in the attack, Juventus immediately took the game after the opening whistle of UEFA Cup. 4 minutes, Ronaldo received the ball on the left-wing, taking another beat before turning on quite dangerous, but Cuadrado could not receive the ball successfully. After that, Lyon deployed an uncomfortable quick pressure game, which made Juventus difficult to deploy the ball.

The only goal of the match - UEFA Cup
The only goal of the match – UEFA Cup

21st minute, the home team showed the danger by a phase “knock” on Szczesny’s goal. Toko Ekambi takes the corner from the left with a very dangerous header to hit the crossbar of Juventus. Almost immediately afterward, Lyon almost paid the price when Anthony Lopes came in and out of the room and missed the ball from the situation of bringing the ball from Ronaldo’s left-wing, but Cornet saved in time.

Juventus’ lack of concentration in the first half of the game has hurt them. In the 31st minute, Aouar escaped extremely fast on the left, passing Danilo easily before passing to Tousart to cushion the ball to open the match score. The last minutes of the first UEFA Cup half saw Ronaldo and Dembele missing the opportunity from situations that could cause mutations.

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In the second UEFA Cup half, Juventus pushed the game speed up and pressed the field strength from the beginning, but the visitors’ play proved to be lacking mutations. 69th minutes, the first obvious opportunity of “Old lady” in the second half was created when Alex Sandro crossed the ball quite well from the left, Dybala got into the box very fast, but his shot did not hit the target.

Although Higuain was later launched, with the presence of the three best strikers on the field, Juventus still had no way to break the Lyon defense. 87th minutes, Dybala hit Lyon net but the referee determined he was in the offside before. Ronaldo’s attempt to jump in the head in extra time could not make a difference.

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Lyon 1-0 Juventus (1st UEFA Cup half: 1-0)


Lyon: Tousart 31st minute


⚬ Lyon: Anthony Lopes, Marcelo, Denayer, Fernando Marcal, Bruno Guimaraes, Tousart, Dubois, Cornet, Toko Ekambi, Aouar, Dembele.

⚬ Juventus: Szczesny, Danilo, De Ligt, Bonucci, Alex Sandro, Pjanic, Bentancur, Rabiot, Cuadrado, Ronaldo, Dybala.

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Anthony Lopes6.56.0Szczesny
Denayer6.66.6De Ligt
Fernando Marcal7.86.8Bonucci
Bruno Guimaraes7.86.9Alex Sandro
Toko Ekambi6.86.4Cuadrado



Red: Player of the match

Black: The worst player in the match

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