UEFA Champions League: Haaland Is Dazzling In Dortmund

MU’s best scorer in the UEFA Champions League 2019/20 season – up to now, is Marcus Rashford with 19 goals. Meanwhile, with only 2 months of debut in Dortmund, Erling Haaland also had 12 goals.

Haaland is dazzling in Dortmund

After 9 matches, Erling Braut Haaland had 12 goals for Dortmund. With a brace against PSG in the last knockout round of the UEFA Champions League, the Norwegian striker set a record series. Among the winter signings of the top 5 league leagues in Europe, no player has scored as impressive goals as Haaland. The striker born in 2000 also became the first player in Dortmund’s history to “fire” in the debut of all three Bundesliga arenas, the German Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

 Haaland shines brightly in Dortmund
Haaland shines brightly in Dortmund

In the UEFA Champions League alone, dozens of other records were also conquered by Haaland. He scored a total of 10 goals in 7 matches, including 8 goals in the former RB Salzburg club shirt to become the first player to score for both clubs in a season, and also scored the first 10 goals. The fastest history in this arena.

Imagine, Haaland’s top performances were performed but in MU’s shirt color? Obviously, that scenario only came in the regret and imagination of MU fans at the moment. Maybe next summer, even this summer 2020, there will be a lot of teams want Haaland – including the Old Trafford team. However, the problem is not as simple as it was at the time of the winter market in 2020.

Regret a little “silver odd”, MU miss what?

In fact, MU, not Dortmund, is the dominant team in the race to sign Erling Haaland – at the time the Norwegian striker was still part of Salzburg. The Athletic newspaper revealed that on December 13, 2019, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Vice President Ed Woodward flew to Austria to persuade Haaland to visit Old Trafford in January. At that meeting, the former student of “Solsa” “expressed excitement at the invitation from the English team.

But things got complicated after Super Stork Mino Raiola – the representative of striker Erling Haaland joined the negotiations. Nominally, the Ruhr team only had to pay the transfer fee of only 22 million euros to get the nod of the Salzburg club. However, the total amount of money Dortmund spent in the Haaland deal amounted to 80 million euros.

Accordingly, in addition to the transfer fee, Dortmund must spend an additional 8 million euros for Haaland (reportedly to Haaland’s father), plus an additional 15 million euros for Sto Minola Raiola. Haaland’s 2024-year contract has a total salary of 35 million euros.

 Rashford's best season is also far behind Haaland
Rashford’s best season is also far behind Haaland

And MU has firmly refused the request from the Erling Haaland family as well as the fee for the “fat guy” Mino Raiola. What are the consequences of that rigidity, everyone is clear to date? Erling Haaland is gradually making itself a new star of world football. What this 19-year-old striker did with Salzburg earlier in the season and now Dortmund is really impressive.

Compare a bit to see that MU really regretted losing Haaland. 2019/20 is the season Marcus Rashford is having its best ever. For the first time in his career, Rashford scored more than 10 goals in a Premier League season.

On all fronts, the English striker has 19 goals for the “Red Devils” this season. That achievement was set by Rashford after 31 matches before being injured. Haaland, meanwhile, only needs 9 games to score 12 goals for Dortmund, and this season has 41 goals in 36 matches – including 28 for Salzburg. That is, Rashford needs 1.63 matches to have a goal, but for Haaland, this number is only 0.87 match/goal.

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