Statistics Ronaldo Free Kick At UEFA Champions League 2019

Statistics startled about Ronaldo‘s ability to score on penalty kick outside the penalty area at UEFA Champions League 2019. However, this made Juventus sad.

Since the beginning of 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo has just started to play. Before the trip to Lyon in the UEFA Champions League 2019, coach Sarri also started to cheer silently when this was always the favorite arena of the Portuguese superstar.

 UEFA Champions League 2019
Ronaldo took a bad free-kick after joining Juventus

Statistics Ronaldo free-kick super shock: 38 attempts, how many goals?

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◆ 24 times hit the fence

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◆ 11 times goalkeeper saved

◆ 2 times no goal subjects

◆ 1 hit on the wooden frame

However, contrary to expectations, Ronaldo played faintly with 4 shots that didn’t hit the target, no assist and 3 times lost the ball. Spending 90 minutes before the French representative, Ronaldo received only 6 points on Whoscored after Juventus received a bitter 0-1 defeat.

Thus, the 35-year-old striker had his first match in 2020 and could not score. Sadly, statistically, Ronaldo has a very bad record. Specifically, in the last UEFA Champions League 2019 match, Ronaldo missed an engaging free kick in the first half when he could not bring the ball over the fence.

Since moving to Juventus, CR7 has been given the opportunity to shoot 38 times. Sadly, never once did this superstar succeed.

 UEFA Champions League 2019
UEFA Champions League 2019

According to statistics, there were 24 times the shot of CR7 did not cross the fence, 11 times were saved by the goalkeeper of your team, 2 times went out and 1 shot hit the wooden frame. Throughout his career, CR7 has scored 53 goals on the free-kick. However, the last time Ronaldo performed successfully was in the 2018 World Cup, the Portuguese match against Spain 3-3.

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Late last season, coach Max Allegri showed his frustration with Ronaldo’s free-kick. He announced that Ronaldo was stripping the right of free-kick to give to Dybala with the left foot or Pjanic with the opposite. These two players have a better free-kick performance than Ronaldo.

But then Allegri left and Maurizio Sarri arrived. In UEFA Champions League 2019, Ronaldo is often the one who executes both direct and 11m kicks from Juventus. On the penalty spot, CR7 did very well. Unfortunately, direct free kicks are very bad.

Indeed Juventus is in an alarming form. This is the first match in the Champions League since 2014 (before Atletico Madrid) Juventus did not hit the target, and they have conceded 7 consecutive games in all competitions, the longest series in nearly a decade.

On social networks, Juventus fans are extremely disappointed when they see Ronaldo’s statistics. They were also very upset that the Portuguese star was still tasked with kicking under Sarri, and urged him to give the opportunity to other teammates such as Miralem Pjanic or Paulo Dybala.
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