UEFA: ‘Champions League 2019-2020 season may be canceled’

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin admits the  Champions League 2019-2020 season could be canceled if the tournaments can’t return before July.

Champions League final on June 27

After moving the Euro to the summer of 2021, UEFA set the date for the  Champions League 2019-2020 final on June 27, and the Europa League on June 24.

Under the UEFA proposal, in order for European football competitions to be completed in June, the federations of association with the European Club Association (ECA) and the Professional Players Association (FIFPro) do not object to choose Saturday 27/6 to kick the  Champions League 2019-2020 final.

The Europa League final will take place three days earlier, on June 24. However, this schedule is subject to change, depending on the situation of Covid-19.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin wants the Champions League to end in June
UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin wants the Champions League to end in June

The organization of the Champions League final on the last Saturday of June is both in line with the practice of the UEFA (which takes place over the weekend), while ensuring the rights of the club and the player (due to the majority of contracts due on 30th / 6). As Euro and Copa America have both postponed a year, the two most important club-level matches had little effect on the focus schedules of teams, FIFA and the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

If the schedule for the final of the  Champions League 2019-2020 and the Europa League is set, European clubs will have to play very hard during the end of the season. Inter will be one of the teams facing the heaviest schedule. They also played the second leg of the Italian Cup semi-final, 13 Serie A rounds, the first two matches and the 1/8 round of the Europa League. If the final of both cup competitions, Antonio Conte teachers and students may have to play 22 games in more than two months of May and June.

July maybe not possible 

“If we can’t re-operate everything, the season could be canceled,” Ceferin told Italian newspaper La Repubblica yesterday March 28. “We have plans A, B and C. There are three options to bring the season back in late May, June or the end of June. There is also a plan to play next early next season, accepting to The next season starts late. We will find the best solution for the league and the club “.

Ceferin acknowledges that UEFA has a great challenge in finding an end to the national championships.
Ceferin acknowledges that UEFA has a great challenge in finding an end to the national championships.

The European championships are stalled by the Covid-19 epidemic and there is no sign of returning yet. UEFA decided to move Euro 2020 to 2021 so that the leagues will have more time to play in this summer. Most clubs want a continuation of the season to ensure integrity, but Ceferin admits that the plan is unlikely to be implemented if the disease continues to turn complicated.

The president of UEFA also affirmed that he did not prioritize the plan for the matches to take place without the audience, but still accepted that plan if it helped the tournament to be completed. He said: “It is difficult to imagine that the matches must take place in the stadium closed. But we still do not know when the tournament will return, whether or not the audience. If there is no way. otherwise, it is better to end the tournaments “.

UEFA not only faces the challenge of having to complete the remaining rounds of the  Champions League 2019-2020 and the Europa League. The clubs want to be confirmed whether they will win the European Cup next season or not. This is difficult to discern if the national championship does not end.
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