Impressive Figures In The UEFA Champions League 2018

The UEFA Champions League 2018 season has officially ended with the championship for Liverpool after they beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the final at the Wanda Metropolitano. Let’s point out the impressive figures in this year’s Champions League.

1. Total goals scored – 366 

UEFA Champions League 2018 goals ended with all 366 goals scored after 125 matches that took place this season, on average, each match takes place. In the European Cup Cup, 2.93 goals were scored. This is a pretty high number of the most prestigious European leagues this season. The highest number of goals scored in a match ranged from 61st – 75th minutes in the second half of the Champions League match and the club this season to Tottenham Hotspur. Especially in this year’s Cup C1, only one goal was scored in extra time of Alex Telles (FC Porto) scored against AS Roma in the knockout round.

uefa champions league 2018

2. Manchester City – the club scoring the most goals (30 goals). 

Manchester City is the top-scoring club in the UEFA Champions League 2018, with all 30 goals scored. Their attack has shown the ability to score scary goals in the C1 cup this season with 30 shots to net the opponent. In particular, the top three goals for The Citizens in Europe’s most prestigious arena are Sergio Aguero (6 goals), Leroy Sane (4 goals) and Bernado Silva (4 goals). They also create matches played the strongest ratio in the history of the knock-out Champions League round when 7 goals were scored against Schalke 04 in the round of 1/16 on Etihad to end the total two matches with a score of 10-2. However, they lost to Tottenham in the semi-finals and accepted to be bitterly eliminated by the away goal rule.

3. The club has shot the most shots – Tottenham and Barcelona (199 times). 

Tottenham and Barcelona are the two most active clubs in the UEFA Champions League 2018 with all 199 shots from each team. However, compared to the accuracy, the Barcelona players outperformed when they hit the opponent’s goal with all 79 times, equivalent to 39.69%, while the figure of Tottenham is only 73. times and 36.68%. In addition, the common point between the two clubs is that Liverpool has been defeated. While Barcelona was bitterly eliminated by The Kop because of a spectacular comeback at Anfield, Tottenham lost to the Red Brigade in the final and accepted the opponent to win the UEFA Champions League 2018.

4. UEFA Champions League 2018 top scorer – Lionel Messi (12 goals). 

With all 12 goals scored for Barcelona in Europe’s most prestigious arena this season, Lionel Messi officially became the UEFA Champions League 2018 top scorer and broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s dominance in the last three seasons. This is also the title of the 6th Champions League top scorer is Lionel Messi’s career. However, he still lags the record of “great rival” Cristiano Ronaldo once.

uefa champions league 2018

5. The most assists in the UEFA Champions League 2018 (5 times). 

The most assists in the UEFA Champions League 2018 are 5 assists and all 4 players have achieved that number. Thereby, sharing with each other the title “King of Creation” in the C1 Cup this season. Four names with the most assists in the Champions League this season: Luis Suarez (Barca), Jordi Alba (Barca), Dusan Tadic (Ajax) and Leroy Sane (Manchester City).

6. The first UEFA Champions League final in history has no penalty card. 

The final match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur took place early this morning (2/6) ended with 2-0 in favor of The Kop. Thereby, helping the Anfield home team become the new king of the UEFA Champions League 2018 and the 6th C1 cup in the club’s history. However, it is worth noting that, despite the importance of a final match, both Liverpool and Tottenham proved very fair-play in the game, they all played fast pressing but did not have anyone phase. Which fouls deserve a penalty. Therefore, the referee, Damir Skomina, did not have to draw any cards in the final at the Wanda Metropolitano.

uefa champions league 2018

7. The foulest club UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 – Tottenham Hotspur (167 times). 

Tottenham became the foulest club in the UEFA with all 167 fouls. This is understandable because before, Spurs fell into a group of death in the Champions League group stage this year when they were together: Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and PSV. And it was those fierce clashes in the group stage for every two matches that forced Maurio Pochettino’s army to use all means to be able to bypass the group stage, including actively committing fouls on highly appreciated opponents.

8. The youngest player to play in the UEFA Champions League 2018/2019 – Mason Greenwood 

The youngest player to play in the UEFA Champions League 2018 season belongs to Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood. When he made his debut for the Red Devils in Europe’s most prestigious arena in Old Trafford’s 3-1 victory over Paris Sanit-Germain in the second leg of the round of 16. The England striker came off the bench to replace Ashley Young, and then Manchester United got the goal to make the score 3-3 thanks to Marcus Rashford on Penalty to back the line before PSG entered. Quarterfinals thanks to the away goal rule. Previously, the Red Devils lost 2-0 to the French giants at Old Trafford.


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