UEFA Champions League 2018-19 – Looking For The New King

It takes up to 3 seasons, the UEFA Champions League 2018-19 – the Cup of European Championships, where the strongest teams in the continent have the opportunity to find the new king.

After the teams in this tournament have to watch Real Madrid win the championship for 3 consecutive seasons. More broadly, having 5 consecutive seasons since the 2013/14 Cup C1 is in fact just a game of Spanish teams. When Real Madrid was 4 times crowned and 1 time for Barcelona.

The 2018/19 season saw the decline of Real Madrid and this team officially became the former king after losing to Ajax Amsterdam in the round of 16. All of Europe – with the exception of Madrid, is happy to see a new champion.

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After the lottery in Nyon Switzerland, 4 pairs of Quarterfinals were determined. It is not too surprising that the Premier League with 4 representatives will have to have an internal match between Tottenham Hospur and Manchester City, the remaining 3 pairs are Machester Unites vs Barcelona, ​​Liverpool vs Porto and Ajax Amsterdam vs. Juventus.

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UEFA Champions League 2018-19

Quarterfinals of UCL 2018/19. Photo: uefa.com

Of these 4 matches, it is clear that the most awaited match is between Manchester United and Barcelona. Surely all Red Devils fans still can not forget the image of Sir Alex Ferguson sitting helpless with trembling hands on the bench when Man Utd lost to Barca 2 finals in 2009 (0 – 2) and 2011 (1 – 3). And of the 8 meetings in the Champions League, Man Utd won only 1 match (2008) to lose 3 and 2 teams drawn 4 times. It is worth mentioning that Messi is the player who scored the most goals against the English teams in the C1 arena with 22 goals. So a lot of MU fans are worried that when they meet Barca in the quarterfinals, it is completely grounded.

MU is in the process of rebuilding the team and there is a lot to do. Just a few months ago, they did not dare to believe that they would go that far in the C1 arena, but after the “divine” comeback against PSG in the round of 16, the confidence returned strongly to this team and as the Manucians still say to each other, “Come here and then what to fear anyone else?”. And when kicking his strength, MU will be really scary.

Prediction: Barcelona into the semi-finals

The second UEFA Champions League 2018-19 match between Tottenham and Man City is an internal match of the Premier League, although these are the two teams with little experience in the C1 Cup, both teams have never won this tournament and usually not far in previous seasons. In terms of ability, Man City is superior in both force and style. They are currently leading the Premier League away from Tottenham’s 3rd place by 13 points. In particular, Man City’s coach Pep Guardiola is very experienced in the UEFA Champions League arena when he once led Barca to the Champions League Cup twice (2009, 2011) and brought Bayern Munich to the semi-finals in this tournament 3 times (2014, 2015). , 2016).

Prediction: Manchester City into the semi-finals

The third UEFA Champions League 2018-19 match between Liverpool and Porto. Perhaps many of The Kop’s fans are very happy with this draw result because Porto is much softer than the rest of the competitors. Although the name is quite often appearing in the knockout stages of the C1 Cup, in terms of strength and current performance, Porto is ranked far below the Liverpool, the team is having a good season. sublime while still competing fiercely with Man City in the domestic league, and reigning runner-up UEFA Champions League 2017/18. Last year Liverpool eliminated Porto in the round of 16 with a score of 5 – 0 after 2 matches.

UEFA Champions League 2018-19

Prediction: Liverpool enter the semi-finals

Fourth match of UEFA Champions League 2018-19: Ajax Amsterdam vs Juventus. A former power of European football has been revived, Ajax was a big team of the continent with a training furnace producing countless football superstars, such as Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten, Ruud Guilt … Then the development of modern football with the financial power of the big leagues when Ajax was “drained” of talent and became the place to “produce” players for the big teams in Europe. This team has won the Cup Cup 4 times (1971, 1972, 1973, 1995). Notably, in 1973 Ajax surpassed Juve himself in the final. But the last time Amsterdam was in the quarterfinals was in the 1996/97 season – More than 20 years Ajax’s name has been forgotten in the continent’s most prestigious arena and maybe this year they re-light their glory to remind all of Europe must remember the glorious Ajax Amsterdam.

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On the other side of the battle line is an old Juventus, this team has reached the Champions League final 9 times but sadly only won 2 times. They became the most failed team in the final of this tournament. In the domestic league, Juventus have dominated for almost a decade and they really aspire to have a more prestigious UEFA Champions League CUP, the last time this team has won the title since 1996 – before Ajax on penalties. And this year many fans of the “Old Lady” believe their team will win the cup because they already have Ronaldo. The king of the C1 arena. Best player of the tournament in the last 5 seasons. The top scorer in 4 seasons of Real Madrid champion.

Prediction: Juventus enters the Semifinals

Quarterfinals of UEFA Champions League 2018-19 will take place in the format of the second leg

First leg: April 10 – April 11

Second leg: April 17 – April 18
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