Tottenham lost miserably in the 1/8 round of the Champions League

Weakness is all that can be said about Tottenham in the 90 minutes on the pitch of Leipzig in the return leg of the 1/8 round between Tottenham vs Leipzig in the European Cup, Champions League.

Things getting words for Tottenham

Being visitors to Germany with the mission to win the Champions League, Tottenham did not hide the intention to push the offensive team from the beginning. However, the absence of any real striker in the squad made it very difficult for the Rooster to play the attack and soon fell to a standstill.

On the other side of the line, Leipzig actively chose a counter-attacking style, but it was them who got the goal. In the 10th minute, from the ball released by Werner, captain Sabitzer shot a long shot defeating the Lloris technique, opening the match.

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Sabitzer started Tottenham's nightmare in this year’s Champions League.
Sabitzer started Tottenham’s nightmare in this year’s Champions League.

Having goals and psychological comfort in this battle Tottenham vs Leipzig, the more Leipzig played the better and the second goal came to them as inevitable. 21 minutes, Angelino down the speed limit before crossing as to put Sabitzer to head against Lloris, complete the double and raise the score to 2-0. And that was also the result of the first half of the Champions League.

After the break, Tottenham still could not deploy the offensive play. Mourinho’s army completely faded and almost did not create a remarkable opportunity on the opponent’s goal.

Tottenham deserved to be eliminated Tottenham vs Leipzig this year Champions League.
Tottenham deserved to be eliminated Tottenham vs Leipzig this year Champions League.

As time goes on, the frustration of Tottenham fans floods. In the last minutes, Leipzig also had a goal to increase the score to 3-0 for Forsberg, thereby eliminating Tottenham with a total score of 4-0.

Final: Leipzig 3-0 Tottenham (Total score: 4-0)


  • Leipzig: Upamecano, Gulacsi, Klostermann, Nkunku, Werner, Halstenberg, Sabitzer, Angelino, Schick, Mukiele, Laimer.
  • Tottenham: Lloris, Tanganga, Lucas Moura, Lamela, Alli, Dier, Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Alderweireld, Aurier, Ndombele, Harry Winks.

Detailed Developments Tottenham vs Leipzig

Final result Tottenham vs Leipzig: TIME OUT!!! Tottenham eliminated

87 ‘: SCORE IN! Leipzig 3-0 Tottenham (Total score 4-0)

Forsberg just came into field and made the score to 3-0.

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74 ‘: NOT IN

Dele Alli finished very quickly but failed to win against goalkeeper Leipzig.

60’: Werner continued to kick the ball into the sky.


Schick’s shot to the sky.

55’: Tottenham is still playing too deadlock.



Sabitzer scored twice in the first half.
Sabitzer scored twice in the first half.

45’: NOT IN

Nearly the score was 3-0 for Leipzig, fortunately for Tottenham goalkeeper, Lloris saved Schick’s successful kick.

41 ‘: NOT IN

Lo Celso curled dangerously but couldn’t beat goalkeeper Gulacsi.

35’: Leipzig is a team that completely controls the game, Tottenham need to score but they can hardly attack.

28 ‘: NOT IN

The chance 3 against 2 for Leipzig but the final phase of Werner Wnot impressive.

21 ‘: SCORED! Leipzig 2-0 Tottenham (Total score 3-0)

Sabitzer doubled the lead with Angelino’s cross from the cross.


Angelino stretched beautifully to let Werner finish Lloris, but unfortunately he fell into offside before.

Tottenham vs Leipzig

18’: Aurier is dangerous, but Upamecano manages to make a clearance.

10 ‘: SCORED! Leipzig 1-0 Tottenham (Total score 2-0)

After Werner’s long shot, the ball bounced off before Sabitzer’s long-shot accurately deflected Lloris, opening the match.

Tottenham vs Leipzig

7’: Leipzig’s remarkable ball, however, as a result, they only received 1 throw-in.

5 ‘: Tottenham is the team that must attack in this match, but they are still having difficulty in deploying the game.


Tottenham vs Leipzig
Line-up of Leipzig.
Line-up of Leipzig.
Line-up of Tottenham.
Line-up of Tottenham.


In the day that Mourinho was completely helpless, Tottenham lost 0-3 at Leipzig, thereby stopping in the 1/8 round Tottenham vs Leipzig in the Champions League after losing 4 goals in the final

The match Tottenham vs Leipzig ended with a 3-0 victory for Leipzig, the German representative won the right to the quarter-finals with a total score of 4-0 after two matches. After the battle Tottenham vs Leipzig, as for Tottenham, the runner-up had to stop in the eighth round in the most bitter way with Mourinho when he failed to score a goal.

At the same time match, Atalanta won 4-3 against Valencia and won the quarterfinal ticket with a total score of 8-4.
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