Top 7 Richest Football clubs in the world 2020

Football is the sport that has the most fans scattered in almost every country in the world, has continually seen an increase in audience and this has had a positive financial effect on the industry. This is not related to the fact that corporate businesses are trying to leverage on the football unifying bond to strengthen their brands and produce public appeal.

Football clubs, though have no significant difference from any big corporation, has been one of the leading players in the football profitability. In this article, we describe the 7 richest football/soccer clubs in the world as of January 2020 according to the reveal of the Deloitte Football Money League (DFML).

1. FC Barcelona: Revenue – €840.8 million

football club
football club

For the first time in the La Liga club history, Barcelona was ranked as the top revenue-generating club in 2020. The football club who won the La Liga and had a painful exit out if UEFA Championship League, still replace Real Madrid as the richest football club in 2020.

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The Spanish club not only topped the richest clubs list but emerged as the first and recently the only club to generate more than €800 million in a year. Barcelona recorded an increase of 10% in revenue generated ahead of rivals, Real Madrid and took a leap one place from its position in last year’s list to become the richest football club in the world with revenue as much as €840.8 million.

2. Real Madrid: Revenue – €757.3 million

In the 2018/19 season, Los Blancos was really awful with their performance on the pitch and off the pitch, as the side struggled without key player Cristiano Ronaldo. Though profit did not reduce as such, in terms of performance, Real Madrid had a disappointing performance, which had affected the financial growth of the club.

In La Liga, the football club finished in a not so convincing third place and in the UEFA Champions League, the club was eliminated in the Round of 16. Probably, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has greatly affected the club, that it only saw a very disappointing €6.4 million increase in revenue generated from last year.

Trailing behind domestic rivals, Barcelona, Madrid ranks as the second-place club with the most revenue generated with €757.3 million.

3. Manchester United: Revenue – €711.5 million

football club
football club

Riding high on it’s return to the championship league and it’s Europa League win, Manchester United had a very successful 2018/19 season. But the football club ended in disappointment, which led to José Mourinho was fired, the man once hyped as the one who will return United to its rightful spot in European football.

United decreasing performance on the pitch did not affect its financial standings. The club had a €51.5 million increase in revenue generated from last year and still retained its position as the highest revenue-generating club of England, a position which it is slowly losing, due to limited success on the pitch. United generated €711.5 million.

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4. Bayern Munich: Revenue – €660.1 million

Bundesliga club, Bayern Munich remained its position as the richest football club of Germany, with a €30.9 million increase in revenue generated from last year. The German club won 7th successive Bundesliga title and that was enough condition to increase its revenue.

Known to be the Giants of the domestic league, considerable success in the UEFA Champions League would have boosted Bayern Munich’s earnings substantially. Still, in the fourth position, Bayern Munich generated as much as €660.1 million to become the fourth-highest revenue-generating club in the world.

5. Paris Saint-Germain: Revenue – €635.9 million

football club
football club

The giants of Ligue 1, Paris Saint‑Germain (PSG), moved one spot up to be the fifth club with the most revenue generated. Armed with star football players such as Kyllian Mbappé who has been doing wonders for the club, it’s not hard for PSG to appeal to the public.

the football club’s biggest revenue influx came from commercial income. A big leap for the French club, PSG’s revenue increases almost hit the €100 million mark. The club which saw a €94.2 million increase in revenue generated €635.9 million in 2019.

6. Manchester City: Revenue – €610.6 million

Despite success in the English Premier League (EPL), which saw the football club win the EPL title for the second time and win a domestic treble, the English club’s position still dropped one spot down to become the 6th club in the world with the most revenue generated.

However, in England, Manchester City still remained its position as the second richest club. The football club recorded a revenue increase of €42.2 million. In 2019, Manchester City generated €610.6 million. In 2020, revenue reaches top to increase as a result of a new jersey deal with athletics brand, Puma.

7. Liverpool: Revenue – €604.7 million

 football club
football club

After a useless attempt to win the UEFA Champions League in 2018, Liverpool won the top football club tournament of Europe but failed to seal the EPL title, which no doubt would have been a continental double for the English side.

Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League win and top performance on the pitch did enough to help the EPL side record revenue increase €91 million. But that not enough to change its spot on the top 10 football clubs with the most revenue generated. In the most income global list, Liverpool still ranks as the seventh club, with revenue valued at €604.7 million.